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Research Proposal Example

09 Feb 2017Writing Tips

A good Research Proposal Example can guide you when writing a Proposal

Referring to a research paper example gives the students a clearer idea of how a research proposal has to be written. Research proposal covers a number of key areas which later on expands in to main chapters of the thesis or the dissertation. For a starting a research project done in fulfillment of the requirement of awarding a degree, an approved research proposal is crucial. This is why some students spend months on writing their proposals, so that the thesis committee is satisfied in the first submission itself, giving the green light to go ahead.

The main Idea and the Purpose of Research Proposal

The main idea of writing a research proposal and the purpose of a research proposal include the following:

• To inform the committee of the research problem being proposed to be investigated.
• Convince that the problem is important enough to be investigated at the academic level at which it is being written.
• Mention the tentative research methodology intended to be used.
• Justify that these methods are appropriate and suitable.
• Outline the expected results and how it is going to make a contribution of new knowledge to the existing body of knowledge.
• To convince that the student is capable of completing the research successfully

The committee will approve the proposal if they are satisfied on the above conditions. In case of a Doctoral thesis the possibility of generating new knowledge takes a prominent place in the evaluation of the proposal.

Parts of a Research Proposal

Writing the research proposal is one of the most demanding parts of a research. If a student can write the proposal properly and correctly almost half of the work is done. Writing a research proposal involves some important steps. They are:

• Choosing a topic
• Identifying a research problem or formulating a thesis
• Defining the research problem or writing a thesis statement
• Carrying out a preliminary literature review
• Deciding on the research methodology and designing the experiments, surveys or field investigations
• Deciding on methodologies for data structures and data analysis
• Writing the research proposal according to an accepted format

Students can learn the format for writing the research proposal by reading through a research paper example.

Research Proposal becomes a Part of the Thesis

Research paper proposal becomes a part of the thesis or the dissertation later on as many parts of it can be merged and expanded in the final research paper. The introduction, literature review and the methodologies are some such sections that can be expanded to form the stand alone chapters within the final thesis or the dissertation. When the research proposal is approved nearly half of the research process is completed. Once the proposal is completed and approved, a thesis sample that is in the sample field of study can be used to guide the final paper writing process.

Professional Help can improve the Quality of the Thesis

Most students get thesis help to improve the quality of their theses. If they enlist help from a good thesis writing company at the very start, then an expert research writer can be enlisted for writing the research proposal as well. If you receive help from, you can also refer to research proposal example available in their sample portfolios to gain a better understanding on how thesis proposals are to be written. A successful thesis is essential to cap off your academic studies and you should amass all resources at disposal to complete this to the best standard you can.

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