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Research Proposal Examples

09 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Research Proposal Examples are more useful with Comments and a Review

Research proposal examples are used by students when they are not familiar with the writing of a research proposal. If they are writing a research paper proposal for the first time, reading a good research paper proposal can educate them on how a research proposal looks like, how it is structured and what it contains. But just reading a proposal cannot be of much help as the student has no way to know the plus and minus points in the research proposal example. Therefore if the student can get a sample with reviews and comments, then such a sample is more useful.

Proposal Should Convince that the Problem is worth Investigating

The main idea of writing a research proposal is to show the committee that the research problem, or the thesis you have selected to research on is worth to investigate. If the proposed research is to find an answer to a question on a particular topic, a well defines research problem has to be stated as the research question. On the other hand, if the student plans to prove or support a thesis, it must be written as a strong thesis statement. Once this stage is complete, the students can get onto the tedious task of writing the research proposal.

What are the Essentials of a Research Proposal

All the research proposals have the same purpose. That is getting approval for the continuation of a research project. Therefore, it is usual that all the research proposals are of similar structure and contain some essential common features. Research paper proposals are required by universities before they allow the students start and continue on a research project that is conducted as full or partial fulfillment of requirements to obtain a degree, normally a Masters or a Doctorate. Students will have to first study research proposal examples before starting to write their own proposal so that they are able to identify the main areas and the relevant details to be included tosatisfy the committee.

Contents of the Research Proposal

As the research proposal is written with a purpose, the contents of the proposal should be able to achieve the purpose. Following are the contents that should be in a research proposal.

• Introduction: The research proposal has to give background information for those who are not familiar with the topic. Background information has to be up to date and concisely yet clearly outline the context and need for the research.
• Literature review: Literature review should explore the books, journals, seminar records etc. to find and present the existing knowledge on the topic and the importance of researching into the research problem.
• Methodology: Methodology section should give the methods for research and methods for analyzing data.
• Project plan : The proposal should outline the time plan and resources plan which is intended to be utilized for the completion of the research project.

Students can write a tentative thesis outline, that will be used in writing the final study report and include this too in the proposal.

Write the Research Proposal to get the Approval without any Revision

If the thesis committee is not satisfied with the proposal the students may be asked to consider revising or the committee can reject the proposal. In case of a rejection students may lose their candidature. If the students are not confident that they are not able to make a good research proposal, they can get professional help in writing their research proposal. One option is to get good research paper examples. Many students buy thesis from good professional thesis writing companies. If they order a custom written thesis, then the research proposal too can be a part of the project allocated to the professional writer that you will be collaborating with to complete your research project successfully. is one of the forerunners in thesis writing assistance industry and you too can benefit from their expertise.

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