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Sample Thesis Proposal

10 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Using a Sample Thesis Proposal Can Help You Avoid a False Start in Your Thesis Project

Using a sample thesis proposal is the best way to avoid false starts. The difficulty of writing a thesis proposal is the cause of delay experienced by many students in making sure their thesis project takes off. Even if they are determined, without having a good idea of how to write a good proposal, they will experience long delays and disappointing results upon submitting it. These false starts can be avoided if the student studies an exemplary thesis proposal first and uses it as a guide to write his/her own proposal. As writing the proposal can take a long time, some times several months, students cannot waste their time procrastinating or taking a false start.

Thesis Proposal is a Major Part of the Thesis

Thesis proposal is considered by many as the most important part of the whole thesis writing process. Student has to devote a lot of attention and time to write the proposal to get it approved without any revisions at the first submission. Rejection of a proposal for a Doctoral thesis may lead to cancellation of the candidature. It can also nullify any offers of scholarships the student may have secured, on the expectation of approval for the research studies. Therefore, making a good proposal makes the subsequent work such as researching and writing the thesis very easy. Using a sample proposal as a guide cuts down hours wasted on false starts and duplication of work.

Essentials in a Thesis Proposal

There are some essential parts for a thesis proposal. Students shall be particularly careful in selecting an appropriate sample thesis proposal as a guide. The sample thesis proposal should have all the essential parts in place for the student to scrutinize. However, changes can be made to the structure according to the requirements of the student’s own thesis. If the selected proposal is closely aligned with the topic related to the student’s thesis, only a few changes may be required to the structure. With the help of a sample proposal, the student can write their thesis proposals with a good understanding of the real purpose of the proposal. This is to get approval for it by convincing the review committee that the study has merit and student has a fair chance of finishing it successfully.

Structure of the Thesis Proposal

The main lessons that can be learned from a /thesis sample include how to structure the work, how to use formatting, what style to be applied and the way the references are cited, etc. A general format for a thesis proposal is given below, and it can be modified to suit the requirements of the individual thesis.

1. Introduction to the proposal.
2. Problem Statement.
3. Background.
4. Purpose.
5. Significance.
6. Methodology.
7. Literature Review.
8. Hypotheses.
9. Definition of Terms.
10. Assumptions.
11. Scope & Limitations.
12. Procedure.

All these items may not be necessary for a thesis involving library research only. For a doctoral thesis involving empirical experiments or surveys, most of the above items have to be included in the thesis proposal.

Get your Thesis Proposal approved at the first Submission

A thesis proposal is approved at the first submission by the committee only if they are satisfied with the soundness of the thesis, the methods proposed by the student and the capability of the student to complete the thesis. Getting thesis help from a good thesis writing company can ensure the approval of the proposal as well as the success of the thesis. Students can get a good sample thesis proposal with valuable guidelines from the expert thesis writers in top notch thesis writing services such as the

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