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Save More Tome Using Examples

26 Jun 2017Research Paper

Apply a Good Example of Research Paper to Improve Your Writing

When you get a task to write a research paper it is important to allow yourself to spend enough time working on it. For example, if your work is going to be of an average length, that is 10-20 pages long, you will have to spend about a month to complete a research and to gather all the necessary materials. A proper organization will surely help you to spare less time as well as use ready examples of research papers. The first step to successful writing is creating a short schedule where you need to list all the tasks and time you are going to spend on them. Then you should go to the library, make some notes, create an outline, complete a first draft, and finally, revise your ready paper. Remember that it is much easier to work when you are alert and for that reason try not to work late at night. Some more useful tips on completing this type of writing assignment are given below.

  • Begin your writing paper with a strong thesis sta tement. It is the question you will answer in the research paper. Your tutor will probably like to see your thesis statement before you begin your research. Besides it is useful to look for help in some ready example of research paper.
  • While working on your thesis statement try to keep it simple and specific. Keep in mind that it’s easier to complete a research on a narrowly chosen subject than some substantial idea. So try to narrow it somehow.
  • Try to make certain that the main idea of your paper will surely work. Then dosome preliminary reading and research at the library to make certain there is enough information on your topic.
  • It is rather helpful to make use of small index cards where you will write authors’ names, date and number of a page. It will help you to make your footnotes and citations properly.
  • Creating an outline – is a crucial stage in the process of writing. Remember that your research paper can only be as good as the outline you have created for it. In case you are not sure how to do it properly look for advice in the examples of research papers.
  • When you work on a first draft of your paper, try to write it as freely as possible, following the outline you’ve made before closely. When the rough draft is ready, check it for the accuracy and correctness of facts.
  • When the whole paper is ready, you need to take some time to re-read it thoroughly. Check it for any possible grammar, spelling and style mistakes.

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