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20 Jul 2017Research Paper

Find Samples of Argumentative Research Papers

Students write argumentative research papers at schools or colleges. For this kind of academic writing you should find a topic that contains controversial points.

Try to select the topic that will spark readers’ interest. For example, you may discuss the problem of the death penalty. Write if this method is effective or on the contrary this method is inhuman and cruel. Here you may also turn to religion. Write what religion says about killing people.

If you recently had elections in your country or state, so you may discuss if the election process was fair and if there were not any violations. You may also write if the president deserves to be the head of your country.

If you like economics, so you may connect your argumentative paper with economics sphere. For instance, you may write about taxation system. Investigate if it works well. Make the conclusion if the taxes should be reduced or raised. You may also write about the computer games. Write what impact they have on children (behavior problems, mental disorder etc). Think if there should be a law that bans the marketing of the games that promote violence.

You may also describe the problem that deals with you or your close people. For example, argue on the point –when should the parents let their children to take serious, independent decisions. You may also discuss the alcohol problem. Think if the alcohol drinking age should be decreased or increased.

Nowadays one can meet more and more pairs which have a huge difference in age. Consider whether the age matters in relationship, if it is a real problem for a true love.

When you know the topic of your research paper, start to gather the evidence and relevant information. Try to find equal amount of information on both sides of the research paper. Think what side you are going to take in your argumentative research paper. Try to find the best proofs that will support your point of view. You may read the samples of argumentative research papers. Evaluate the research paper sample that you are reading.

When you have all the necessary information for your paper, you should begin to craft it. Write the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. In the introduction explain briefly the sphere of your investigation. Then smoothly proceed to the topic.

In the main body present two sides of the problem. Provide relevant and strong arguments that will prove that your point is correct. Try to arrange the arguments in a logical order and present them one by one. While writing your research paper, pay attention to the following requirements:

–    Do not use emotional expressions or word-combinations.
–    Always cite the sources that you use for your paper writing.
–    Defend your argument demonstrating your deep knowledge of the subject-matter. Remember shallow explanation of the problem always produces bad impression.
–    Check your paper for grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes.

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