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Senior Thesis Topics

24 Jan 2017Writing Topics

Senior thesis topics - they cover a broad spectrum of subjects and lessons

As the name suggests, one needs to put in a lot of thought and effort while framing the focal point of a senior thesis. You can attempt such an assignment, only when you understand the import of writing on senior thesis topics. Learn this from right now.

What is a senior thesis?

When you refer to the term senior thesis, it is not limited to a mere higher academic level of writing. It could be a thesis that spans more than one discipline. It is akin to doing high level research that requires a lateral scope of study. For instance, there could be a student who is working on Community Health and Sociology as his main subjects. The student is also keen on pursuing Psychology as an ancillary or additional course for his degree. In this case, he could think of senior thesis topics that cover specific areas in these three subjects.

An example to help you comprehend the idea of a senior thesis

Let us imagine that the student mentioned above wants a good idea for a senior thesis. You could think of this idea:

  • In a city like Kolkata in India, it is quite common to find HIV affected women in children living in dire poverty. Using an apt case study or a set of real-time data, examine the social acceptance of these women and children by the rest of society. Make a detailed study of the psychological trauma that they face trying to come to terms with their debilitating illness. On the one hand, they need to eke out a living and on the other they need to find an identity – both being quite out of their reach. Discuss the problem and suggest workable solutions to this growing group of HIV affected people.

Points you need to consider

If you have understood the research question that is mentioned above, you can put together a good senior thesis by focusing on these points. If you are not quite satisfied with this list; get back to us for more suggestions:

  • Understand the ground reality that is mentioned in research question first

  • Make sure you collect relevant info so that you can present the right developmental context for your thesis.

  • The rationale for your thesis should be clearly brought out in your thesis statement. Remember, this is an academic thesis that requires great skill and in-depth knowledge of the subjects concerned. Use the right language; make sure the message is clear and inclusive.

  • When you are developing a thesis, pay attention to the various kinds of sources that you need to bring in. Here, authenticity is an issue, just as much as content is.

  • Above all, make sure that you have no mistakes. Whether it is the sequence, spelling, format or any other aspect of an academic paper, make sure thesis editing is done.

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