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Some Tips of How to Make a Research Paper

26 Jun 2017Research Paper

Review Some Basic Points of How to Make a Research Paper

Recently you have entered a college and now you have a problem of how to make a research paper. You have never written research papers and that’s why it is difficult for you to write a research paper you have been assigned. You do not know what to start with.

When setting to write a research paper, first of all you need to brainstorm interesting research ideas which come to your mind and then you can arrange basic points to make certain a conclusion. After listing all the ideas which came to your mind, you choose the most appropriate ones and try to construct logical arguments around them. That’s where you have organize your research proposal in the proper research proposal format including the title, the abstract, objectives and thesis as well as references.

Further you move to the research itself and investigate the literature or find what other authors or researchers think of the problem. In the outside resources you can find supporting and opposing evidence for your own opinion or vision of the problem. While you can be calm about supporting evidence, there’s an urgent need to refute opposing views with additional information. However, you should not just omit contrary views as research paper or essay format assumes all ‘pros and cons’ arguments to get accomplished image of certain topic under research.

Research papers usually contain literature view, the part of the research discussed above, and research itself where you are required to collect some information or summarize the findings of your experiments. It is far more complicated part of the research as it requires more profound approach, more time and resources, not to mention your efforts. If you know how to collect data, you know how to make a research paper.

Let’s take questionnaire type of research data collection. You have to find a focus group or a group of people possessing the same characteristics or having some common feature. For example, obese people or children from a single mother family where the first group is characterized by the same problem of extra weight and the other group consists of people who have been reared by only a mother. It is not a simple task to conduct a real research with data collection and do their further interpretation.

When you are smart enough to collect required data – you have to be attentive enough to interpret them without biases. It is the most thrilling part of research process. That’s where you come to supporting or rejection of your thesis or assumptions made previously based on findings of conducted research. At this stage you have opportunities to give vent to your creativity and talent. That’s where you need to apply all your analytical abilities and designing talent to organize the findings the best possible way. The information can be arranged in the form of graphs, tables, illustrations or every possible way to make new information prominent and illustrative.

Now when you know some basic information on how to make a research paper, you may have questions as to how cite a paper. This important aspect of research writing should be more profoundly discussed.

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