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07 Jun 2017Research Paper

There are many Different Kinds of Sources Research Papers

When you get a task to write a research paper, you usually start to look for the sources research paper. If you use different sources for your paper, then your paper will look more mature and will have scientific value.

There many different sources where you can find good ideas and information for your paper:

1. Book is the most common source for referring. There are many different kinds of books that you may use for the research paper:

1. Literature books;
2. Textbooks;
3. Manuals, instructions;
4. Encyclopedias etc.

If you want to use somebody’s ideas or statements that were stated in the book, but you do not know how to paraphrase it, then you may use in-text citation. If you provide quotes in your paper, then make sure you follow all in-text citation rules. You have to provide right after the citation:

- The author’s surname and initials
- The date of issue publication
- The page number of the citation

2. Internet is an immense source of information. Search for the World Wide Web site that is relevant to your research paper subject. If you want to take some information from the web site make sure that it is a trusted and valid web page and the information that is placed here is reliable.

3. You may also use research paper sample for your paper. Read how other students composed their research papers. Here you may find a good idea for your research paper topic or its paragraphs. If you find the research paper sample and its topic is similar to the topic of your paper, never try to copy the ready paragraphs and paste them into your paper. Otherwise, you may be accused of plagiarism and get bad point or zero for your writing assignment.

4. Look for the articles in the tabloid newspapers, magazines, journals. Of course, there is usually information of a low quality. But still there you may find the most current and up-to-date information. There you may also read some interesting points of view that are completely controversial to that that you read in the books.

While reading the article from a newspaper pay attention to such errors as:

- Informal wording or the usage of jargon, slang expressions, too personal unproved statements or superlatives
- The usage of inappropriate grammar tense. For example, if it is a general, accepted fact like “a year has twelve months” then it should be stated in present tense.

If you see that the article is full of such mistakes, then try not to cite this source.

5. You may also use mass media as sources research paper. Listen to the radio; watch different movies, television programs that are related to the subject of your investigation. You may use different phrases or events information from the movies.

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