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The Departments in a Hospital

04 May 2017Writing Topics

Writing a Paper on The Departments in a Hospital

For writing a paper on the departments in a hospital, start by stating that generally hospitals treat most afflictions and have many departments. Some hospitals specialize in treating only one organ of the body, like an eye hospital or an E.N.T. hospital. Apart from this, all hospitals accommodate and treat anything from accidents to burns, everyday minor illnesses to major diseases and from minor to major surgery.

The most common departments in hospitals include:

Accident and Emergencies also known as the casualty department where people involved in accidents or having any other emergency situation that need fast  treatment or surgery are admitted

Out Patient’s department (OPD) Where patients who do not require hospitalization consult doctors who may prescribe various tests or/and X-rays, and undergo treatment at home.

Admissions department where patients who require hospitalization provide personal information and also sign consent forms for surgery.  If the patient is critically ill, then the next of kin or any relative signs the required forms.

Anesthetics where anesthesia is administered for operations and other surgical procedures. Depending on the procedure to be carried out, the Anesthetic administers general, regional or local anesthesia that produces a complete or partial loss of feeling so that no pain is felt during the operation.

Cardiology patients with heart problems area treated.

Intensive Care Unit, this is also known as the critical care unit where  seriously ill patients are admitted and looked after. It has just a few beds and is staffed by specialist’s doctors and nurses.

Diagnostic imaging, previously called an X-ray department which has diagnostic services including:

General radiography (X-ray scans), mammography, ultrasound scans, angiography, CT scanning and MRI scanning. Doctors refer patients so that they diagnose the illness and prescribe treatment.

General Surgery where every type of surgery is performed like thyroid surgery, kidney transplant, colon surgery, breast surgery and any other ailment that needs to be corrected with surgery.

Gynecology where problems of the female urinary tract and reproductive organs are treated. These departments usually have an outpatient clinic, emergency gynecology assessment and treatment unit, day surgery for minor procedures and a specialist ward.

Maternity departments where women give birth. Care is provided by a nurse, a midwife or consultant. Maternity wards also provide antenatal care during childbirth, antenatal clinics provide monitoring for both routine and complicated births, and high dependency units where care is offered for complicated births.

For writing a college paper on the departments in a hospital, including the above write that there are numerous other departments like: Neonatal Unit, Neurology, Obstetric units, Nutrition and dietetics, Oncolo0gy, Occupational therapy, Pain management clinics, Laboratories, Renal unit, Rheumatology unit, Urology and sexual health unit.

Many hospital also have a dispensary or pharmacy, and on the non-medical side, medical records and administrative offices.

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