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The Power of Character Analysis Essay

04 Jul 2017Essay Writing

What Makes a Character Analysis Essay a Powerful Tool of Self-Expression?

You wonder what is the easiest kind of essay to write? You may mention critical essays, comparative essays or opinion essays. No, you are far from the truth. This is a character analysis essay. Why? Is it so easy to write? Sure. Draw conclusions yourself.

A character analysis essay is based on one or possible two literary works which narrow down the circle of your research to maximum two sources. You do not need to browse numerous sites or libraries to look for proper information to base your arguments on. All you need is to enjoy reading a literary work which is more fun than reading and analyzing statistical charts or tables. So, you just read and mind some features of the character you need to analyze.

An analysis essay is easier than a comparative essay as you do not need to do compare and contrast analysis looking for similarities and differences. You do not need to match one against the other to see what is in common and what differs. All you need is to be careful to details as they may prompt you of some peculiarities of the character under analysis.

What thrills in a character analysis essay is the ability to set your own position as to the problem and see what role the character plays to solve the range of problems addressed in the text. Analyzing actions and thoughts of the character gives an important understanding as to what the writer wanted to say. Your viewpoint may differ from critics but it should give you more fuel to prove your opinion.

Exploring a character’s personality is a very entertaining task. You have to look at his/her appearances, analyze his/her ideas and language, see what role a setting has, how the actions of the character reveal his/her strengths and weaknesses. All evidence you can find in the text itself. It is the only source of truthful information.

By exploring the structure of the text, depiction of the character, problems the character tries to solve you construct new knowledge based on your vision of the problem and the character in relation to it. The reader is able to transform the text according to his understanding and personal view. That’s what makes character analysis essays very powerful.

You may wonder how analysis essays, particularly character essays, can be helpful in real life. The ability to analyze is actually indispensable in real life. Every day we need to observe certain situations and learn lessons. We need to differentiate what is good and what is bad and make certain conclusions. We need to read concealed or disguised information to get the truthful picture of the event or a person. Through the character analysis essay we learn how to see invisible though visible manifestations or how to ‘read between the lines.’

A character analysis essay helps to develop necessary skills of thorough observation and analyzing. This essay format is also unique for it applies a great freedom of expression of your personal vision and matches it with other viewpoints. It is a great training assignment to learn how to effectively act in real life situations.

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