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Thesis Editing

24 Jan 2017Writing Topics

Find out why thesis editing is a vital component of a researcher’s work

As a student you might think that writing a thesis is one of the most difficult tasks you have ever come across. The strange part about doing a course is that you soon realize that thesis editing is far more difficult than actually writing it out.

Two ways to manage editing

Since thesis writing is an integral part of all scholarly work, it is necessary to know the best way of handling the editing of the same; they are-

  • You can use the checklist that we suggest; or

  • You can send your thesis to for editing

Many students realize that having a second pair of eyes to go through a piece of writing is the best possible way to minimize mistakes. Without good thesis editing, you could be getting into troubled waters.

A basic checklist to help you out

First check whether all the components of the thesis are in place. This should include the following:

  • The title page

  • The acknowledgement

  • Table of contents

  • Introduction

  • Developmental context

  • Literature Review

  • Research methodology

  • Main discussion

  • Results and evolution

  • Limitations of study

  • Recommendations

  • Path ahead for further study

  • Conclusion

  • References

  • Bibliography

  • Appendices if any

  1.  If you have made sure that all the components are in place, now start taking a look at each of these components individually. For instance, if you are looking at the introduction, you need to make sure that the thesis statement is well structured. You cannot hope to make the right impact if you don’t begin your paper well. Similarly, if you are going through the methods section of your paper, you need to look for a few main features. First, you need to see if there is a proper chronological order maintained right through the section. Second, you need to see if it is complete in all respects; third, make sure that the entire question is addressed with the methodology used.

  2. After you have checked each of the components of the thesis you have written, make sure that the whole piece flows smoothly. You cannot have a thesis that is good in one section and not too good in another. It should be consistently good and in line with research question in hand.

The points given above are not the only ones that you need to keep track of. There are many other points that you would have to take into consideration if you want to make your thesis acceptable. Developing a thesis well is the first step and editing is the last.  Take time to look at every thesis paragraph that you have written so that there are no gaps in your writing. Any kind of academic thesis that you write should be vetted by an editor.

If you find that the thesis editing job is too much to handle, please let us know. We can give you the best tips to edit the work or do it completely for you. This will ensure that your work is good and worthy of good grades.

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