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Tips on Writing a Global Warming Thesis

17 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Global Warming Thesis Needs to Focus on Specific Aspects of Global Warming

Global Warming Thesis is written mostly by students studying for Master’s Degrees, Doctorates or those who are majoring in Environmental Studies in other degree levels. Other subject areas that may accept global warming thesis for the award of degrees are Sociology, Geography, Economics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Power Engineering. Most of the theses on global warming are to report scientific research on an aspect of global warming. The research for this type of theses involves laboratory experiments, empirical research, field data collection and studying the research done by others on the selected aspect of global warming.

Selection of a good Topic for the Global Warming Theses

Global warming is a broad subject area. Therefore, the student planning to do a Global Warming Thesis needs to select a suitable topic for his/her thesis. Thesis topic has to be narrow and specific so that the student can focus his/her studies on one aspect from the vast area of global warming. As there are numerous recent studies students shall select a good topic that has not been researched by many others and many times over. The topic must be interesting enough and must serve a useful purpose.

Sample Global Warming Thesis Topics

Some sample thesis ideas and the thesis topics are given here for the student to have an idea

1. The man-made factors that contribute to global warming.

2. Pollutants in the environment that cause global warming.

3. Natural causes for global warming.

4. Global warming and the future of the human race.

5. The global warming results of industrial revolution.

6. Ways to curb the effects of global warming.

7. Are global summits doing enough to prevent global warming?

8. Global warming vs. economic stability.

9. US must ratify the Kyoto protocol because US is major contributor for green house gas emission.

Thesis Proposal for the Global Warming Theses

If the research is done to investigate an aspect like the effects of some human activity on global warming, the research may involve setting of experiments, surveys and field work. This type of research will need a thesis proposal. Writing a proposal may require one to two months. But the work done for the proposal will be used for the writing of the Global Warming Thesis too. The thesis proposal shall include description, objective and scope of the project, research questions, conceptual framework, research methods, time schedule and a budget.

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