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UC College Essay Prompts

29 Mar 2017Writing Topics

Application or admission essays help admission boards in understanding who you are. Understand that there are thousands applying for limited college slots in your dream college, therefore, you must give your best. Due to the function of the admission and application essays, it is paramount to follow given instructions to the letter. In addition, you must give real life illustration, whether successes or failures. The college is interested in developing the best in you. More often than not, admission and application essays focus on past experiences and how they have shaped your life.

Sample the UC college essay prompts 2011 given below:

  1. Describe a personal quality (strength or weakness) and how it has influenced the choices you make in life. Do wish to cultivate or change it?
  2. Explain the course you intend to pursue. How did you settle on that choice? What have you been doing to become an expert in that area?
  3. Tell us the community you participated or are currently participating in, and how it has shaped your present. If you were to repeat the project, would you change anything?
  4. Tell us the experience of growing up in your early childhood and how it has influenced your present
  5. If  you were given an opportunity to change the world, how would you change it
  6. You have been awarded US$ 5, 000 for your participation in a certain competition. How would you spend the cash?
  7. Describe the toughest challenge you have ever faced. Explain how you dealt with it and how it has influenced your present.
  8. Why is this college your perfect choice?
  9. Write an essay on your favorite topic
  10. Describe how your religious and family background has shaped your life.
  11. Rights
  12. Describe the toughest decision you have ever made, why it was tough or significant, and how you arrived at the decision.
  13. Tell us about your academic and social interests
  14. Write about September 11 attack
  15. Tell us about a project that you wish to participate in. what would be your role and why?
  16. What challenges do you expect to face in the college and how well are you prepared to tackle them?
  17. What are you doing currently to make sure your pursuit for your career is not thwarted however?
  18. In addition to the academic course you will pursue in this institution, tell us the extra input you will be making to your career path.
  19. Describe one of your successful failures…
  20. Any challenge you encounter is aimed at making you better…
  21. The lesson I learnt from a 7-year old.
  22. Describe how a visit to the home for the aged changed the perspective of your life
  23. If you were to write a book about yourself, how many chapters would it have?
  24. Tell us a story that will help exemplify your character
  25. You are not a leader because you have a leadership position, even as a follower, you provide leadership in your team/group.

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