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Understanding the Essay Thesis

16 Feb 2017Writing Topics

Essay Thesis Expresses the Main Idea of the Essay and Sets the Central Theme

Essay Thesis serves several purposes. Thesis gives strength to an essay just like the skeleton gives strength to the body. An essay written without a thesis is like a body without a skeleton. Imagine something like Amoeba, single celled organism that does not have a skeleton. No writer likes his/her essay to be without any form or shape like an Amoeba. Thesis provides a central theme to the entire writing and keeps the numerous sections linked together to a single point of consideration. That single point of consideration is the essay thesis. There should be a number of key points which the writer will use in supporting this central point of view. This makes the essay to stick to the point and prevents deviations from the topic. An essay thesis statement clearly outlines the stand taken by the writer and what to expect in the rest of the essay.

Art and Science of Developing a Thesis for Essay

Essay Thesis is the most important part of the essay and the strength, beauty, appeal and the acceptance, all depends on the essay thesis. Developing a thesis is both an art and science that must be learned and mastered by the students. A strong and successful essay can be written on a strong thesis. Learn the four main features of a strong thesis.

• Strong thesis is specific.
• Strong thesis shall contain only one idea
• Strong thesis justifies the discussion of the essay.
• Strong thesis takes a stand on the topic.

Examples for Strong Essay Topics

Following are examples for strong essay thesis.

• “Religious fanaticism makes people blind making them to go against the noble principles espoused by the Religion itself.” This thesis is specific about the topic.
• “Parents shall be attentive about the use of internet by their children because of the easy access to violence and sex through the internet.” This thesis is concerned only on one idea.
• “Alcohol is a social evil irrespective of the perceived social, cultural and health benefits flaunted by the alcoholics and the vested interests.” This thesis justifies discussing the social evils of alcohol.
• “The research on cloning of humans shall be banned forthwith because of the possible unforeseen consequences.” This thesis takes a strong stand on a controversial issue.

Creating a Strong Essay Thesis

When the topic for an essay is already given or selected, the essay thesis must be written keeping the above points in mind. Topic of the essay must be studied thoroughly and find a very narrow area on which the writer sees a problem where, the writer has a proposal for a solution or a controversy where the writer can take a stand on. This is the starting point of creating thesis for the essay. If the student follows the guidelines and writes the thesis statement with the above features he/she is most likely to succeed in formulating a strong essay thesis that lends to successful essay writing.

Creating Essay Thesis is only the Beginning of Writing the Essay

Creating thesis and writing a good thesis statement is only the beginning of writing an essay. Other tasks involve researching, planning and writing the essay. When it comes to planning the essay, an essay outline can be most useful as it gives a proper essay structure. Writing phase of the essay should focus on the selected format, editing and proof reading. Many students may find all these tasks to be too time consuming or complicated for them and will be happy to get advice and help from a professional source. While many options are available, the best essay help can be secured from a good essay writing service with excellent essay writers.

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