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What Amounts to a Good Thesis?

02 Feb 2017Writing Tips

To Write a Good Thesis, One Must Know What Constitutes a Good Thesis

Producing a good thesis is the ultimate aim of any student following a higher degree or a major. The starting point of a good thesis paper is a good topic followed by a strong thesis built on the topic. Writing a good thesis needs a good understanding of the topic and some logical thinking. To complement the student’s knowledge he/she shall carryout extensive research to gain more knowledge and better understanding of the topic. Student can expect to write an impressive thesis only if he/she is prepared to learn about the topic by deeply researching into it.

How to Find a good Thesis?

To write a good thesis, students shall find a good topic. If the topic is given the student is relieved of deciding on a topic. But a topic for the thesis has to be specific. Student shall look for good thesis ideas to select a topic. Too wide a topic cannot be specific, because there may be many aspects to the topic. If the thesis embarks on examining all the aspects of the topic student will not be able to complete the thesis in time or within the given limits on the length. Therefore it is necessary to narrow down the topic to a manageable scope so that a good thesis can be found.

Thesis Statement Guides the Thesis

Thesis is the main idea or the argument of the thesis paper. Thesis statement briefly and clearly states this. Apart from that it serves as a roadmap for the thesis and helps the writer to stay focused on the topic. Thesis statement has to be specific and is placed at the end of the introduction chapter. For a long thesis paper dealing with many aspects of the topic a separate chapter may be required to state and explain the thesis. There are two main types of thesis. Analytical thesis breaks down the problem and examines it in parts. Argumentative thesis is based on an argumentative thesis statement and supports one side. These two types of theses shall have strong thesis statements.

A Good Thesis Should be Impressive with the Content

Though all other aspects of a thesis also are important a thesis must have useful, important and original content. Then only it can be considered as a good thesis. Good content can come only from dedicated research. A good thesis for a thesis paper shall have following characteristics.
• Shall be debatable
• Must be able to cover within the scope of the thesis project.
• Specific and focused.
• Asserts the conclusion of the thesis based on evidence.
• A map to guide through writing the thesis
• Refutes the opposing arguments
• Avoids vague language
• Shall not use first person

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