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What are Thesis and Dissertations?

13 Feb 2017Writing Tips

Thesis and Dissertations are the highest form of Academic Exercise for Students

Thesis and Dissertations are the toughest and the most exacting academic task the students have to do during their entire student life. They are academic papers that are written based on a research project done by the student. The type and form of the paper can be different according to the type of the research project and the discipline under which the topic falls in. Though both thesis, and dissertations are academic papers, they differ in many aspects. Highlighting the differences between the two types of papers get difficult due to the different usage of the words in different countries.

What is a Thesis and what is a Dissertation

Sometimes it is confusing when talking about theses and dissertations. In countries like US, Canada and Pakistan dissertations are the papers written for the purpose of fulfilling the requirement for a Doctorate while the theses are written for Masters or some Bachelor degrees. In countries like UK, Australia and India, the reverse is true. Students in UK write Doctoral thesis for obtaining a Doctorate, while dissertations are written for Master’s or Bachelors degrees.

The difference between the thesis and dissertation is in the scope, depth, originality, independence of the research and the length of the paper. A paper prepared for a Doctoral degree is longer than a paper written for a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree. It relies more on primary data collected by the student and more original.

Topics for Thesis and Dissertations

Topics for thesis and dissertations should concentrate on a very narrow area so that; a deep study can be carried out. It should pose a problem that needs a solution or an answer. The research should be focused, planned and designed to find information, data and evidences aimed at solving the problem or answering the research problem. All the methodologies for research and evaluating data have to be selected, keeping this idea in the mind.

Thesis or a Dissertation Writing Problems

As writing a thesis or a dissertation is the toughest part any student has to face in the university, it is no wonder that they will have to encounter many problems. In short, in each and every step of the dissertation project, they will have to manage some issue or the other. The supervisors, advisors and other faculty members, as well as colleagues, may help solve these problems. However, in many cases students have to look for professional help. Getting down a thesis sample from a thesis writing company can help understand, how the thesis should be written in accordance with set standards.

How to Write an Outstanding Thesis or a Dissertation?

Writing a thesis or a dissertation is tough. Writing an outstanding thesis is even tougher. Students sometimes do not get adequate help from their advisors due to various reasons. If the students resort to professional help, they can continue their work without any interruption to their schedules. The thesis writing companies provide thesis help in every step of writing a thesis and dissertations. The type of help available includes selection of topic, prior research to narrow down the topic and formulate a thesis, preparing a proposal, setting up surveys and experiments, selecting methodologies, writing the paper, editing it and planning a defense.

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