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What Is A Dissertation And Why Students Write It?

29 Dec 2016Writing Tips

Academic life is a whole universe in itself – it has its own stages, actors, success system and KPIs. In this unique and self-sufficient world there are special recognitions one has to get in order to climb the career ladder. One of the most important recognitions is writing a dissertation that will lead a student to a MA or equivalent undergraduate title once it’s defended.


So what is a dissertation? It is a comprehensive piece of writing that requires an extensive practical knowledge of the subject, thorough research into various related sources, critical analysis of the acquired information and a bit of creativity to produce a new value to the scientific community.

Because there is a standard grading system, a dissertation should consist of predetermined parts and adhere to a certain style policy. One of the main prerequisites of receiving a high grade for a dissertation is to understand what is exactly expected and required from each and every part of it. Let’s discuss the most obvious requirements in detail.

What is a dissertation methodology?

A dissertation is a research-based work. So to write a dissertation one should begin with choosing a topic – a relevant matter that is lacking one important aspect you want to highlight. The title of the dissertation should be clear and precise, leaving no room to dubious assumptions.

The next step is choosing materials that will be reviewed trying to explore the topic. The student should also outline clearly the methods that will be used to analyze those sources, what would be the software for the quantitative methods and etc. Evidence is a fickle matter and the way scholar gathers and evaluates it is crucial for the final result.

What are dissertation components?

When the student decides on the topic and literature to be reviewed, he should have an initial theory in mind, often called a thesis. This is the hypothesis that will be elaborated in the text using reasonable arguments.

Hypothesis serves two purposes: it constitutes a dissertation proposal submitted to the academic board for review and it is also one of the first parts of the actual dissertation text.

Introduction serves to introduce the readers with your work and briefly explain main research preconditions. Abstract is a short summary of the whole text and approach used.

The chapters of the dissertation that follow introduction must contain a detailed investigation of each aspect of the thesis.

Literature review is the part of dissertation where the writer refers to his sources in order to back his conclusions. This is where you find a place for your own work in the world of other existing academic creations.

Finally, conclusion and is the part where the writer revisits his initial goals and elaborates on the topic of the dissertation. It shouldn’t be long or extensive, just a closing argument that usually leaves room for fruitful discussion during the dissertation defense.

What is a dissertation style?

One important aspect of writing a dissertation is that it has to be delivered by a well-formed scholar who is capable of producing new kind of knowledge and ideas in his or her sphere.

This is reflected in the dissertation style – the writer must show comprehensive knowledge of sources, be able to connect facts and produce new arguments, enter in a dialogue with existing researchers and scientists.

It takes a while to get accustomed to all the particularities of writing a dissertation and it’s only after a student has written a good dozen of them that he or she feels confident with the style and can get creative within the given frames. In academic world those who’ve mastered the art of writing good dissertations are called academic writers and they undertake a mission to help young inexperienced students with dissertation writing struggles.

With an increasing complexity of academic subjects and expectations, decision to buy a dissertation from professionals is an inevitable one. A professional writer can help the student understand the topic better, give a hand in researching numerous sources, provide suggestions on style and wording. Don’t leave it to chance, buy dissertation online and be sure that you will get exactly the text as it is supposed to be.


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