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What is Definition of Thesis

31 Jan 2017Writing Tips

Definition of Thesis is not Unique and Singular

Definition of Thesis is not unique because the word is used in many contexts. When referred to different sources like dictionaries and encyclopedias it becomes clear that “thesis” has different meanings and these individual meanings also are used in different contexts according to the situation. Three meanings are most relevant to academic and literary circles, philosophy and logic. The root of the word thesis is from a Greek word “thesis” meaning position. This meaning is used in logic, philosophy as well as in literary work. A brief search of dictionaries and encyclopedia brought out these results.

Different Meanings for Thesis

Thesis means the stand or position taken on an issue. This meaning is used in logic philosophy and literary work

• An unproved statement put forward as a premise in an argument.
• A statement supported by arguments

Thesis refers to the central idea in an essay, report, or an academic work. This is called the thesis idea.

• The main idea of an essay or report
• This is a very important one-sentence summary of the entire composition, located at the end of the introduction
• The central argument that an author tries to make in a literary work
• A thesis is both an essay and the point argued in the essay.

Thesis in the Context of University Studies

Thesis in the case of university studies is a document presenting the findings or the knowledge. This definition of thesis is more relevant in universities and higher education. Following are few explanations of thesis in context of academic studies.

• A written essay submitted for a university degree
• dissertation: a treatise advancing a new point of view resulting from research; usually a requirement for an advanced academic degree
• A dissertation or thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for a degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings.
• A formally written report presented within the framework of doctoral studies, based on independent research work, which is required for the award of a POSTGRADUATE DEGREE or DOCTORATE. For examples, a science thesis reports the findings of research work pertaining to a science degree.

Thesis as the Main Idea of an Essay or Report

When “thesis” is used as the main idea of an essay or report, it refers to the thesis statement which is normally a single sentence expressing the thesis. The thesis statement states clearly and fully the main idea of the essay or the report. Student’s next task is of find data, evidences and arguments to support his/her thesis.

Writing a Dissertation Thesis

In some countries the thesis is referred to as a dissertation and both refer to the research work presented for the completion of a degree program. Normally it takes more than one whole year to research and complete a degree thesis. Some doctoral candidates take several years to complete a research and write the thesis. If the students fail to satisfy the thesis committee’s strict standards students’ work for one whole year, sometimes more is lost. Therefore students should be concerned about every aspect of writing the thesis. Each stage of the thesis project, including prior research, thesis proposal, thesis plan, research work, writing the thesis, editing and proofreading are all important. Due to the major work load associated with their entire process, some students may opt to seek thesis help from a reputed source.

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