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What Is the Hypothesis in a Dissertation?

31 Jan 2018Writing Tips

Every writer facing the task to produce an academic assignment needs proper formulation of hypothesis. The usual quotations arising are “how many hypothesis should a dissertation have?” and “can dissertation hypothesis be positive?” It is necessary to have the clear understanding of the very nature of the issue to give answers to these questions.

A hypothesis is a phrase which is highly sense loaded and informative. It is an optional structural element of an assignment. From its appropriate formulating depends on the content of the paper. It has to reflect already known the information in a certain field, and it can also contain a drop of novelty. It will make the future research interesting and informative. This part of the assignment should be short and clear. You must create simply for the understanding sentence so that it will be easily perceived by the target reader. Emphasize the central notions developed in the investigation. Bear in mind the fact that this variant of the thesis is usually applied only verified information.

The main thesis should be compiled in a way so that all provisions that require proof and protection can be easily traced. The process of creation of this element always involves searching for something new in science and practice, a certain optimal option from a few possible ones. For example, it can be anticipation. Formulation of it is possible only after studying the characteristic features of phenomena as well as conditions, circumstances, etc. Further research will consist of checking the main thesis. Each fact has to be verified, substantiated, confirmed by experiments, facts. The reasoned main thesis becomes a reliable knowledge and theory for future experts.

How to write a hypothesis?

Hypothesis development lies in the creation of a statement containing assumptions about the possible solution made by a researcher of a particular scientific problem. By its nature, it is the main idea of a possible solution. To avoid possible mistakes in the formulation of hypotheses in research, certain approaches should be followed.

This statement should be conceptually clear. There should not be any biased or controversial notions or concepts. These sentences should have a referent, meaning that words should denote certain objects. Scientific types of statements should not contain any moral evaluations. If the statement is too general, it should be split into parts. Each main thesis should contain instruments and methods which help to check it.

There are three possible types of hypotheses:

The one about the presence of one or another phenomenon (type A);

The one about the existence of a connection between phenomena (type B);

The one about the existence of a causal connection between phenomena (type B).

Examples of type A hypotheses:

There is a phenomenon of "shift to risk" (the term of social psychology) in the process of group decision-making?

Is there life on Mars?

Is it possible to transfer thoughts at a distance?

Samples of type B hypotheses:

All external manifestations of brain activity can be reduced to muscular movements.

Extroverts are more prone to risk than introverts.

This type of the main thesis characterizes certain links between phenomena.

Examples of type B hypotheses:

The centrifugal force balances the weight and reduces it to zero.

Development of small motility of the child contributes to the development of his intellectual abilities.

It is based on opposite types of variables, the relationships between them, and the levels of additional variables.

Overall, the creation of the main thesis is not an easy task, as it may seem at first glance. That is why it is necessary to stick to some rules to be able to formulate it properly. There are also certain types of dissertation hypothesis, which will guide the writer and help him.

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