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29 Jun 2017Research Paper

Think Over a Good Framework for Your High School Research Paper

A writing process of high school research paper takes both a lot of free time and efforts. To create any kind of research paper, you should know all requirements beforehand. There is a guideline that will help you to write a paper and cover all issues you need:

A. Find an appropriate topic you would like to research. It should be approved by your tutor.

B. Search information in different libraries, consult an encyclopedia. Look through different books, magazines, newspapers, outlines of books, articles and researches.

C. Make a list of bibliography using such samples as the MLA or APA guide.

D. After selecting an appropriate data, work out an outline in a rough paper. You may create both a topical and a sentence outline. Scan your outline.

E. A thesis sentence should be written down in order to follow the main idea of your paper.

F. Take a draft and use the information you have gathered. Express your suppositions as to the subject matter and suggest your ideas to further investigation. Necessarily, follow the MLA or APA guide, stating a credit to your sources.

G. Proofread. If everything is perfect, type it accordingly to the strict requirements.

– The first issue is finding an appropriate topic for high school research paper. It is advisable to limit your sources to those that are available at your campus and not more than 20 years old. Make a list of topics you would like to write about.

– Look through a card file. If you have found a book or an article, you should make the following notes: subject, author, title, facts of publication. If it is any kind of periodicals: author, title, name of periodical, volume and page number, month, year. News stories: subject, facts of publication and headline.

– Look through the sources and make a scope of bibliography in an alphabetical order. If something is unnecessary, cross it out.

– Before writing the outline, think carefully about the subject and purpose of your paper. Review the material you have chosen, make some divisions and subdivisions. You will have a certain structure.

– Take a rough paper and start writing. Be sure that you have indicated a purpose of your research paper. Just follow the structure: 1). statement of purpose; 2). main body of the paper; 3). statement of summary or conclusion. Remember, be accurate and honest. If your outline is well-organized, keep things together and logically connected.

– Proofread your draft. If everything is substantially written, you may shift to typing. Try to reread it as if it is unfamiliar to you or just do corrections in a day or two. The language should flow easily and properly. Check the spelling, sentence constructions and quotes. Write the conclusion to all material you have used. Try to make it more grounded, detailed and direct. You may follow the author’s ideas, but avoid repetitions.

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