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Writing a History Thesis of Honors Standard

16 Feb 2017Writing Help

History Thesis Focuses on a Specific Period in Time

If the topic of the History Thesis is about the world and no time period is chosen, how many pages will be required to write something that is just meaningful? How long will it take to mention some facts that cover the topic? This just can explain the importance of selecting a narrow topic for writing a history thesis. Other important elements include the geographic region, or the country in context of the historical period being addressed. After selecting these elements, students can narrow down the time period to cover some important social, political, economic or cultural aspect. These selections are mainly governed by the course content and the interests of the student. For instance, a student may choose to discuss economic history or artistic history of a country, depending on assignment requirements and on the student’s subject preference.

Select a good Topic to Write a Successful Thesis

Students majoring in History or following higher degree courses on history have to write history thesis. They should first develop a thesis idea and decide on the key parameters such as the period and the region they are going to explore or research in their thesis. Then they have to concentrate on any one or two aspects of the human activities for the study. Carrying out a prior research and a brief literature review at this stage will definitely pay dividends later. As the thesis idea is limited to a specific region, a specific time period and a specific set of human activities have to be chosen. This helps to narrow down the thesis topic sufficiently to write a good thesis.

Example of Selecting a Topic for History Thesis

A typical 3000 level university course that can be selected by a history major student is about the Communist revolution in China. The selected region or the country is China. The period covered by the course is from 1921, the year of the formation of Communist Party of China to present. If a student is following this course and planning to write a history thesis on this period he/she shall select one aspect or an incident from the whole gamut covered by the course. Possible topics are:

• Events leading to the formation Communist Party of China.
• Is Long March a strategic retreat or a military debacle?
• Is Republic of China a true “Government in Exile”?
• Chinese leaders went to the extent of controlling people’s sex lives too, during the Cultural Revolution.
• Role of Non Aligned Movement in securing security council’s permanent seat to China

Difficulties in Writing History Thesis

Writing a history thesis is not a simple task. It requires careful selection of a good topic, creating a thesis statement, researching for information and writing the thesis. If students are not confident in finishing a thesis that can make the grade, they shall look for professional help from a good thesis writing service like PhDify.com. The experienced and well qualified writers working for thesistow.com can write theses on a wide variety of subjects and guarantee students with good results.

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