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Writing a Leadership Thesis

17 Feb 2017Writing Help

Presenting Insights from Well-known Leaders

Leadership is a very common thesis subject. It spans degree requirements for business courses, law degrees, psychology classes, and even theology or religious studies. But with the plethora or examples especially in the business realm and in the political arena, how do you choose a subject for your leadership thesis? Thesis writing need not be a nightmare with these quick suggestions.

First off, know your own main interest. Writing a good thesis can be a nightmare if you try to force a topic that’s totally opposite of what your heart is inclined towards, so take this as an opportunity to explore your own interests. It would save you a lot of headaches as well during the research process, since you’d be enjoying the things you’re reading up on.

Are you interested in studying leadership in the realm of business, politics, or ministry? For your field interest, you can then list down role models or spokespersons for that particular theme. Sometimes the arenas overlap: for example, John Maxwell and Kenneth Blanchard are well-known resource persons for both business and the Christian ministry playing field.

Next, list down potential focus points for your study. Do you want to tackle a specific principle, or specific results? For example, you can pick a particular leadership trait as the main thrust of a good thesis statement, studying its pros and cons and showing different case studies where the said characteristic shows up best.

Or, if you decide to pick results, then you can discuss the principles, tips, or steps that would lead to the said result. Good leadership is always highlighted as a major contributor for healthy results, be it in sales and marketing, human resource, or even in the church world. For example, for ministry-related studies, countless books are available tackling different approaches in leadership, each claiming to produce the greatest number of committed members.

Once you’ve decided on your focus, then you can go about collecting data for your study. You can opt to finish all your research first before starting to write, but writing as you go along would actually prove more beneficial, since you’ll have a clearer idea of what information you still need as you move along the parts of thesis.

You can start with presenting the background of your choice of topic: for example, should you choose leadership in the business arena, a clear but concise description of the business world globally and then on the micro level would give your readers a chance to put themselves into the given playing field. Then, present the thesis problem: is there a particular result that businesspeople are having trouble reaching?

After that, you can go on and present the principles you’ve gathered, either from one role model or a combination of top known leaders. Their stories can then go into the case study portion of the paper, which is one of the most important components of the study, since they give flesh and bone to the principles they give out.

Finally, you get to wrap up with your own analysis of which works best in which scenario. You can then finish up with a conclusion/recommendation catered to different needs, or perhaps you can just pick one to zoom in on, and voila, your leadership thesis is complete!

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