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Writing a Luther Thesis

23 Feb 2017Writing Topics

Luther Thesis can Examine 95 Luther Theses Written

Luther Thesis is essentially connected to the religion and to the history of Europe in the sixteenth century. Martin Luther was born in the German town of Eisleben in 1483. After receiving his Master’s Degree from University of Erfurt he joined the Law School to pursue law education but abandoned the idea at the beginning of the course itself to become a priest. He was awarded a Doctorate in Theology by the University of Wittenberg where he taught Theology. He was the initiator of Protestant Reformation Movement that lead to many very decisive events in Religious and Political History, not only in Germany but in whole of Europe

Writing a Thesis on Martin Luther

Students cannot write a Luther thesis if they start to cover many things about Luther. The research on Luther for a thesis whether a Master’s or a Doctoral Thesis should cover a very narrow area of his life, his contribution and his role in the reformation, influence of his thinking on the Roman Catholic Church etc. because Martin Luther presents a vast area of knowledge and information. It is vital that the students decide which aspects they are going to research and write the thesis about. Possible topics can cover religion, politics, Luther’s personal life, his education and his writings.

Important Events, Persons, Institutions and writings connected with Luther

Turning point of Martin Luther’s life that made him to be a great historical figure is his joining the Black Cloister to become a Roman Catholic priest. The 95 theses he wrote in 1517 criticizing the fund-raising by selling indulgences by the Roman Catholic Church can be considered the originating point of reformation and the Protestant Church.

Refusal to withdraw his writings demanded by the Pope Leo X and Roman Emperor Charles V that led to the excommunication from the priesthood and declaration making him an outlaw are important events that can be researched. Establishing the protestant church and his pioneering marriage also are important aspects that can be researched for their Luther thesis by the students.

Sample Topics for Luther Thesis

The student can select a topic that interests him/her and appropriate for the program he/she is following. Here are some possible topics to follow.

• 95 Luther Theses
• Luther’s Education
• Luther’s criticism of indulgence sale
• Luther’s excommunication by Pope Leo X
• Luther’s condemnation by Emperor Charles V
• Luther’s marriage to Catherina Von Bora
• Luther’s opinions and writings on Judaism and Jews
• Translation of Bible to German by Luther
• Reformation and establishing Lutheran Church
• His influence on Peasant Wars of Germany

Writing Luther Thesis is not as easy as it Seems

Martin Luther is a great historical personality who happened to be the centre of a turbulent series of events that changed the history of European politics and Religion. The events, thinking of people and the politics of the times are too complicated that serious students of Religion, Philosophy or History can research and bring out lot of new knowledge and insights. For those who like to know how a Luther thesis should be written they can get a thesis sample from If the students feel that they cannot write the thesis on their own, then they can enlist thesis help from a reliable and well established thesis writing service.

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