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Writing a Media Thesis

20 Feb 2017Writing Help

Writing a Media Thesis Needs to Start with an Approved Proposal

Taking the first step towards writing the media thesis can be very difficult and student may procrastinate this for a long time. But once the project is initiated and the proposals are submitted, the work can progress smoothly. This is true not only for a media thesis but for any other project. So, the best advice for students writing a thesis would be to take the first step at the earliest possible instance. This can help the student in many ways. This also allows you to plan the work well allowing enough time for all different phases of the thesis process. By brainstorming on possible thesis ideas and focusing on a valid and interesting thesis question, you too can take the first step towards completing a successful thesis.

Getting the Approval for the Thesis Proposal

The first phase of the media thesis writing process is the preparation of a thesis proposal and getting it approved by the thesis committee. Thesis proposal should include an introduction to the topic, the significance of the study, the research issue or the research objective, research methodology including sampling, data collection, and data analysis. A thesis proposal should be written after carrying out preliminary research on the topic. This preliminary literature review helps students to establish the research question by identifying gaps in existing knowledge of the subject. This process is relevant to any thesis, be it a Bachelors, Masters or a Doctoral thesis. This preliminary review of literature on the subject in connection with the proposal writing lays the foundation for the detailed research on the topic later on.

Thesis Ideas for Writing the Media Thesis

The explosive development in the fields of communication and media during the last few decades has been in many directions. Therefore the students have to shoulder the onus of selecting a specific topic from one particular field of media.  Media options have expanded dramatically with multimedia capabilities supported by developments in IT and communication technologies. This facilitates wider scope and integration of modes of media.  Following are few topics which can hold interest, if you are searching for a media thesis topic.

• Audio visual contents on internet
• Sex and violence in video games
• Addiction to social networking
• Democracy becoming affordable with expansion of internet
• Inevitable obsolescence of print media
• Migration of media giants to cyberspace
• Wikileaks and Tehelka are criminals and need to be punished

Importance of Writing Style for Media Thesis

To maintain the standard of academic writing it is necessary to follow an accepted writing style when writing a thesis, especially at the graduate level. Widely used writing style for Social sciences is APA. The references used for the media thesis have to be cited according to the guidelines given in the APA publication manual. APA Publication manual contain guidelines covering all the aspects of writing and publishing academic work. Students can get a good thesis sample, written as per APA style, and study how the thesis is formatted and how references are cited in the thesis.

Securing Thesis Help

Most students face difficulties in completing a thesis successfully, and this is applicable to any subject not just media studies. The difficulties may be faced with the overall study or with some aspects such as methodology design or data analysis. The quality of a thesis can be greatly enhanced by securing professional thesis help from a reliable thesis writing company. for example is a well established writing service which offers thesis help to students all over the world. Qualified and well experienced writers employed by the company will help you write a plagiarism free thesis which complies with the most stringent of thesis standards.

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