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Writing a Striking Thesis Abstract

08 Feb 2017Writing Help

A Thesis Abstract is not an Excerpted Passage

Thesis abstract is a complete description of the contents of the thesis. The contents of the abstract are dependant on the discipline. The purpose of the thesis abstract is essentially the same for any discipline. Students have to understand that the abstract is an original piece of work. It is not a collection of excerpts from the thesis. Though the reader sees it first in the thesis paper, thesis abstract is written after writing and editing of the thesis is completed. A well written abstract helps the reader to decide whether he/she should read the thesis or not.

What should be there in an Abstract?

Two types of abstracts are written for a thesis. They are descriptive abstracts and informative abstracts. Descriptive abstracts should describe the thesis. It is an outline of the thesis and follows the thesis outline closely. It does not review or give opinions on the thesis. It can inform the reader aim, methodology and the scope of the research done but not discuss the conclusions or the findings. In contrast, informative abstracts explain the main arguments, results and the conclusions, going beyond the descriptive abstracts. They also do not pass any judgments on the findings. Informative abstracts are summaries, and they are longer than the descriptive abstracts.

Purpose of writing a Thesis Abstracts

Main idea of writing a thesis abstract is allowing the reader know what is in the thesis, so that he/she can decide whether it is worth reading whole thesis. Online thesis repositories allow readers to read abstracts before they download any thesis. Thesis abstract has become very useful for searching in computerized catalogues. When writing an abstract, all the keywords used and are connected with the central ideas in the thesis, can be used in the abstract. Searching the abstracts with the keywords will allow the reader find what he needs, very fast.

How to write a Thesis Abstract

Because the thesis statement describes the main idea of the thesis, it has to be a part of the abstract, whether the abstract is informative or descriptive. Writing the abstract has to be done after the completion of writing the whole thesis. It should describe the thesis and provide information on the thesis, for an informative abstract it should explain the main arguments and the conclusion too. It is to be noted that keywords and the phrases used in the thesis should appear in the abstract too. Thesis abstract is equally important as the thesis. Many students get the services of professionals for writing the abstracts.

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