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Writing a Strong Thesis

10 Feb 2017Writing Topics

Strong Thesis is the Foundation for a Great Thesis Paper

Writing a strong thesis statement is the most critical part of writing a research paper or a thesis paper. The way the thesis statement is written, depends on the type of the paper to be written. Different approaches have to be followed when formulating a thesis for different types of papers. Some common approaches are comparing the subject to a widely known and familiar subject, looking at the subject from a viewpoint that is different from the popularly accepted view, refuting a commonly held belief or proposing a solution for an existing problem.

A Strong Thesis is Narrow, Specific and Debatable

A thesis statement can be strong if it is narrow and specific. A vague statement that tries to talk on a vast subject cannot give any idea of what is discussed in the paper. Selecting a narrow topic that is specific and deals only with one subject or only one idea, is a prerequisite for writing a strong thesis. A strong thesis should be debatable and the author should take a stand on the subject. When there is no argument, there cannot be a discussion. If the author does not take a stand, the reader will be confused of the arguments. Therefore the author’s stand has to be stated early and the place you do this is within the thesis statement.

Learn to write Theses that are strong

Here are some examples of weak and strong thesis.

• There are many causes of third world poverty
This statement is vague and the subject is vast. It has to be narrowed down and the author should inform his stand.
• Rampant corruption among politicians and Public officials is a major cause of poverty in third world countries.
This has a narrower scope, a debatable argument and clearly shows the stand taken by the author.

• Corruption, misplaced priorities and unfriendly climate changes have contributed to the poverty in most of the poor countries.
This thesis statement is vague and not specific. It is not singular and talks many things at the same time.
• Power struggle among three clans have ruined Burundi, making it one of the poorest countries in the world.
This statement addresses a specific issue and author clearly states his stand on a debatable point.

Strong Thesis guides the Author in writing the Thesis Paper

Normally, a thesis statement guides the author when writing the thesis paper. If the thesis statement is vague then, it cannot help the author to organize his ideas and arguments around the thesis. If the thesis is strong the author can write a clear thesis outline that will help him/her to write the paper without wandering away from the main idea of the paper.

Getting help to write an outstanding Thesis

Selection of a good topic for the thesis paper and formulating a strong thesis are challenges. But this is only the beginning of the worries that are to be faced by the students who intend to write an outstanding thesis paper. They will have to do the research, take down the notes and organize the data and the arguments and write a draft. Even after the finishing it after a long struggle they will have to read, re-read, revise and edit the drafts to produce a completed thesis paper. If they need help they can buy thesis that are custom written, from a good thesis writing company.

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