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Writing a Successful BA Thesis

13 Feb 2017Writing Help

Planning is Crucial to the Success of Your BA Thesis Writing

Writing BA thesis is one of the most daunting tasks a college or university student has to face in his/her campus life. In the final year of bachelors degree, student is required to do an independent research and submit his thesis nearing the end of the year. Usually the student can select his thesis topic within the scope of his major subject. A supervisor may be appointed by the department or the student may have a chance to select the supervisor. From the time of getting the assignment student has to allocate lot of time and dedication over a period of several months for this daunting task. But this need not be such a difficult task if the students work with a plan from the beginning of the year.

Plan Your BA Thesis Writing

Here is a job that has a definite ending and an expected outcome. That is submitting a good BA thesis and the expected outcome may vary from a passing grade to an A plus, depending on the student’s wish, though some universities grade the theses as pass or fail. Then there is a time limit. The student is required to submit the thesis before the deadline given by the department. With the scope and the time is fixed student has to put his effort to achieve it. For this working according to a plan is of utmost importance. Therefore first of all make a plan and then follow it to the dot. Identify the various tasks involved in writing a good thesis and schedule them allocating appropriate time for each task. Schedule the beginning and of each task. Do this for whole period though with the passing of time you may be required to change the schedules.

Example of list of major tasks:

• Identifying the subject area
• Identifying the topic
• Identifying the Type of paper
• Identify Thesis
• Finalizing the thesis statement
• Writing the thesis proposal
• Approval of the thesis proposal
• Perusal of the available sources
• Collection of facts, information etc.
• Reading , further reading and research
• Compiling the notes.
• Writing the rough draft
• Discussions with the instructor.
• Further research
• Writing the final draft
• Discussion with the instructor
• Editing and proofreading and thesis printing
• Preparing the final version and submission.

It is very rare to require a BA student to defend his/her thesis, though it is customary for Master’s and Doctor’s degree candidates are required to defend their theses.

Basic Requirements for BA Thesis

Requirements imposed for the BA Thesis by different colleges and universities may differ. But following are typical requirements.

• about 8000 words long (double spaced 20 pages)
• A thesis statement academically argued and the literature of the relevant field from credible and reputed authors/sources
• A clear structure and chapter division:
o introduction
o the body of the text (analysis)
o conclusion
• A separate title page
• A contents page,
• Bibliography page (Reference Citation as per the Format from Style guide)
• Must be written according to the given writing style guide.
• Must be the independent work of the student

Work to Your Plan

Now that you have a plan it is your turn to work as to the plan. Though it looked like a very difficult job, now the individual steps are simple enough to carry out. Only thing is you have to work steadily from beginning to the end. Remember that even the tortoise won the race by being steady and smart in his work. It is best if you have a continuous dialogue with your instructor during whole period of writing the BA thesis. Do not wait till the end. At any stage, if you feel that you need any help it is at hand. There are many writing services that can help you out. Contact a good thesis writing service for help.

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