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Writing a Successful Graduation Thesis

02 Feb 2017Writing Help

Graduation Thesis – Final Hurdle to be Cleared On Your Way to the Convocation

Graduation thesis is the final assignment the students have to complete for getting their degrees. In any higher degree if the thesis is a requirement, it is called the graduation thesis. For most students this maybe the last serious academic exercise they will have to do in their life times. But it may have significant impact on their lives. For this reason the students need to give utmost attention to every part of the thesis writing process. In this exercise, students should never postpone any part of this project, as this may prevent them from finishing the thesis in time.

Prepare In Advance before Starting to Write the Thesis

Writing a thesis is not an easy task. Graduation thesis is the result of hard work of many months, perhaps more than a year. But, there are few ways in which a student can make things easier. The first thing is good preparation and planning. Student can make a plan of his thesis work by dividing the whole exercise into many parts of thesis, allocating adequate times for each part and setting up deadlines for individual tasks. Getting timely help from suitable people without postponing any section is of highest importance. This helps save time rather than wasting time by trying to find solutions alone.

Types of Theses Written as Graduation Theses

There are different types of theses and the student has to select the appropriate type for his discipline, subject area and the topic. The main types of theses are argumentative, analytical, expository and critical theses. To report the new findings of an experiment or a field survey, student can select an expository type of a thesis. To establish a hypothesis an argumentative thesis is suitable. Critical thesis is suitable for a literature thesis to present a critical analysis of a literary work. The selection of the type of the thesis is very important to the success of the essay.

Parts of a Graduate Thesis

There are many different parts that are essential for a graduation thesis. The requirements can vary depending upon the university or the study department. But generally the following items are required by many universities.

• Title page (as per the selected writing style)
• Contents page
• Acknowledgements (optional)
• Thesis abstract (very useful when published in the internet)
• Introduction
• Main body of the thesis
• Conclusion
• Reference list (This must follow the citation guidelines given by the writing style)
• Appendices

Can Student get Thesis Help when Writing the Graduation Thesis?

It is very useful if the students seek help with writing their graduation thesis, as the graduation thesis is one of the most important academic writing a student will undertake. If the students fail to submit a research paper that can meet up to the expectations of the thesis or research committee, either they will not get the degrees or they will spend an extra semester or a year more to get the degrees. Though there are many sources to get help, it is best to get help from a professional thesis writing service. The expert writes employed by such a company can write excellent theses on any topic and help the student scale the final hurdle posed by the graduation thesis.

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