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Writing an a Level Paper

30 Jun 2017Essay Writing

The Basics of A Level Paper

  A level paper is the paper, which is important for teachers to judge the learning abilities of the student and for the students to get good grades. An A level paper should not give an outlook of the vast knowledge about the subject rather it should give maximum and correct knowledge of the topic chosen by the student. So the pupil should choose an appropriate topic which should be filled with following necessary ingredients:

  • Up to the mark Vocabulary
  • Sentence Bonding
  • Coverage of vital information regarding the topic
  • Proper grammar usage

The vocabulary should be rich in new words but it should not be too tough for the readers to understand because readers of all type would read the topic. Some of them might get the meaning but others might find it difficult to swallow of the article as all readers have varying intelligence levels.

Then the next important thing is the sentence boding or the structuring of the sentences. As we know that the sentences are the wordily constructs so there should be proper word construction in sentence formation plus the sentences should be linked properly. All this would lead to a good composition like the interrelated lyrics in a song.

The vital information should be covered with great research and the research may include all type of media like the print media, electronic(television and internet) media and  libraries etc. the researched material  should be correctly correlated for the final form of the A level paper.

Proper grammar is the key to make a really ordinary paper look so meaningful that the simplicity of the paper is decorated with he proper tenses and various grammatical constructs.

Now coming to the choice of topics, the topics must be chosen from the various A level subjects, which can be Sociology, Psychology or any other Life Sciences or they can be literature and History based if you need to have all things ready from the past. And there can be variety of choices but all should be tailor cut in your own language to avoid Plagiarism.

Now let us devote some time to Plagiarism, which means to use the work(published or non-published), of other writers without giving any credit to them. It is an offence and there is a punishment in the internet security laws for this electronic crime.

The level paper must be based on the correlation of your own knowledge of the subject topic and the researched knowledge. The combination of both will determine various factors like :

  • How long the article should be?
  • How to arrange all the material(own and the researched) in balance?
  • How to express the thoughts of the others on your personal grounds?
  • Which material to use and which not to use?
  • Which type the essay should be- comparative or assertive or narrative?

All many such questions will lead to the formation of a rough paper which after final modifications and comparisons will lead to a well knitted paper of the particular subject. The paper can take any form like if it needs to compare two or more things as per the need of article then it should be comparative, if it is fact based then it can be assertive.

The final thing, which should be taken care while writing an article on a particular subject, is the use of formatting guidelines called the citations. A citation means the rules set for writing a topic on a particular subject like science or humanities. The various styles available for the A Level paper are:

  • MLA Style
  • APA Style
  • Harvard Style
  • Chicago Style etc.

So write a paper which should be an analysis essay(including the results of the theoretical analysis),from research point of view and which should contain all the above information base.

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