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Writing Merit Level Economics Thesis

15 Feb 2017Writing Help

Senior Economics Thesis should have an Original Idea

Economics Thesis is the highlight of graduate studies of any student majoring in Economics. When students start studying Economics first, they study the principles which form the foundation for this discipline. Then they study the intermediate courses that teach theories. After that only, students learn how these principles and theories apply to the real world situations. Writing an Economics Thesis gives an opportunity to the students to think about a specific economic problem on their own. They learn to apply the theoretical knowledge built up during the previous years to interpret and understand the real world economics. This calls for a study on an original idea or a new angle on already researched topic.

Graduate Thesis and PhD Dissertation

Any student is justified to ask “Then what is the difference between a PhD dissertation thesis and a senior Economics Thesis?” Graduate students writing dissertations spend three or four semesters to complete their dissertations. Their time spent almost exclusively for this purpose. The level of academic standing and the originality expected is very high. But seniors spend one fourth of their time during the senior year for their theses. Main purpose of their thesis is to show how much they have gained cumulatively from their studies on economics courses they have followed. Then they have to show that they can think on the economic problems to come to conclusions on their own.

Topics for Economics Thesis

It is normal practice for many students to find a topic, creating a thesis statement, collect some data and run a regression to arrive at a conclusion. Though this is what most students do, it is not essential to follow the same format. The senior economics thesis is evaluated mainly on the merits of how the theory has been applied to the chosen situation and the originality of the work.

Some Examples of topics for Economics Thesis

Following thesis titles are from Economics Thesis written by seniors at Harvard.

1. How Prices and Preferences affect snack choice: Survey Evidence on Food Choice in Dorchester Supermarkets
2. Macroeconomic Adjustment to the Real Shocks: Does the Exchange rate Regime Matter?
3. Less is Greener: Fighting Emissions with Policy Cuts
4. Agriculture Policy and Food Security: Lessons from History and the 2007-08 Global Food Crisis
5. Can investor-targeted advertising influence investors? An Empirical Analysis

Writing a Striking Economics Thesis

Senior students embarking on writing the Economics thesis should note that they can allocate roughly about one fourth of their time for this purpose. Therefore they must select their topic, thesis statement and the methodology accordingly. If they have to collect data from their own surveys it takes lot of their time that can be used for other study purposes. To beat the time and study for the degree which is the main target, students can get thesis help. The best option is help from a professional thesis writing service which can help you from start to finish.

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