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Writing Sociology Research Papers

14 Jun 2017Research Paper

Sociology Research Papers Improve Students’ Skills in Writing

If you are a student or just visit sociology courses, you might be required to write different types of research papers. It is very seldom that a professor forces his/her students to produce sociology research papers on the specific topic. It is more believable that students have their rights and come up with a topic they are interested in.

Research papers differ in length. Some of them could have five pages, while others more than thirty pages. It depends on a topic and your skills in writing. If you are assigned to write different sociology research papers, be ready to work hard. Such kind of papers has strict requirements that you have to follow:

– abstract
– introduction
– methods
– results
– discussion
– conclusion
– references

In the abstract you should make summary of your whole research paper. Sum up three hundred words or less mentioning methods, results, subject matter and conclusion. It will be helpful for those people who are going to check your work.

In the introduction you present briefly the issue you have been working at. There are no strict requirements as to the length of it. It could vary from one to two pages long. It depends on what you are going to include there. The last paragraph of your introduction should be logically shifted to the next one.

The next step will be presenting your usage of different methods while researching the subject matter. In this part, you have to introduce sample composition, analytic framework, various criteria, etc. In other words, show your way of research.

After that, put down the results of your sociology research papers. It should include tables, graphs, figures, if it is possible, etc. They will help everyone to look through easily your experiments and make some suppositions. Provide commentary about your arriving at such conclusion. If it causes some problem, ask your advisor to show or give you research paper example.

Discussion section will be based on your viewpoints as to this or that subject. Here you mention strong and weak sides of your research paper, pros and cons of such type of study. You may suggest your approaches to study the issue further, if you have any.

Referencing will be the last page of your paper. If you write your research paper for journal publication, you have to be aware of their own guidelines as to the format. It is preferable to find out all requirements of bibliography beforehand for not to confuse research paper demands with essay or term paper.

If you do not make a choice as to the topic of your paper, you may read them below and select one of them:

• Alcohol
• Asian families
• Aspects of the perfect female and male
• Criminology
• Final exam
• Economics
• Immigration
• Martin Luther King
• Right to live
• Woman abuse
• Positive and negative functions of poverty
• Drug abuse
• Different kinds of illnesses

Hope these points somehow help you to follow the requirements for writing your sociology research papers. Or you may visit custom research writing vendor PhDify.com and find competent help at custom writers.

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