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Writing the Doctoral Thesis

01 Feb 2017Writing Help

Doctoral Thesis is the requirement for conferring a PhD Degree to a student. Getting a PhD is not an easy task and it is the final rung in the academic qualification achievements. It requires two or three years’ hard work with dedication to scholastic excellence. At the end of the day the satisfaction of achievement compensates all the hard work and sleepless nights. Though it is hard work, meticulous planning and methodical approach to the task can simplify this daunting task. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Therefore planning is the secret of success in completing your doctoral thesis in time without much sweating.

Initial Planning Stage

Planning phase must be attended to from the initial stage. Adhering to the plan with perseverance is the next most important thing. Your thesis plan should break up the whole Doctoral Thesis task into few phases and then list out the main tasks and activities. Even through you may see thesis writing as an enormous job, these small tasks tackled one by one may camouflage the enormity of the task.

Thesis plan should indicate the dates for starting and finishing of individual tasks. Make sure to allocate allowances for unforeseen obstacles. Allocate adequate time for each task and plan to do many tasks parallally when possible.

Completing the Thesis Proposal

Many universities have a proposal phase for the Doctoral Thesis. Thesis proposal writing too is a lengthy process but it is an essential part of the thesis work. The information, sources you identify, and the work you carry out in proposal preparing is like a warm up session before you run a race. Major part of the proposal stage is literature review. You can identify your sources; acquire an idea of the research already carried out and the gaps in knowledge in the chosen topic area. One of the important tasks in this stage is developing a thesis.

Research Work and Writing the Doctoral Thesis

When your proposal is approved by the committee you can confidently start research proper on the identified topic. Actually, lot of work is already done and if you have started everything methodically by now. You will have a well formulated thesis statement, a research and thesis plan and a tentative methodology reviewed and approved by the doctoral thesis committee.

Next step is to engage in a comprehensive literature review where you need to locate sources that provide a wide variety of balance information, theoretical concepts, evidence and case studies etc. Make sure to carefully list the bibliographic data of these sources, so that your thesis citation will be a simple matter.

Proceeding stages will involve the designing and clarifying the research methodology and implementing the research. Some forms of research may include collecting of data by surveys, field investigations, interviews and experiments. Writing of the thesis must follow the accepted writing styles. Writing up a thesis outline as per the structure and the standard format will help you immensely. Gather information APA style, Harvard Style or any other relevant style of formatting in the preparatory stage of writing so that actual writing can proceed as per formatting requirements.

Should you Get Thesis Help?

If you get quality Thesis help from a good thesis writing service it takes away a considerable part of the burden from a doctoral student. The available time can be used productively to improve the quality of the actual research being conducted and the contents of your thesis.

Therefore, you may consider the options of enlisting help to assist on collecting the sources, gathering information and data, formulating reference entries, typing and transcribing interviews etc, and even in writing the thesis. Editing and proofreading should most certainly be outsourced to ensure and error free work.

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