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Writing Your Chemistry Thesis

14 Feb 2017Writing Help

Chemistry Thesis Will Need to Incorporate Experimental Research

A Chemistry thesis is a requirement to earn a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate in the filed of chemistry. Sometimes Students majoring in Chemistry but following bachelors degree in science may also choose to undertake a thesis on chemistry. A chemistry thesis essentially involves some research work that must be original and able to contribute novel knowledge on the chosen topic area. Writing a good thesis in chemistry is not a simple task as it involves original research. Even finding a suitable thesis topic from the multitude of areas coming under the ambit of chemistry is a challenging feat.

Select Your Topic Wisely

Writing a chemistry thesis is a challenging job. The topic must be chosen so that it is manageable so that you can produce a good thesis at the end of the year. If the topic is interesting for you can continue with enthusiasm until the thesis is finished. But you have to discuss with the faculty and get a supervisor who knows the topic well and who also have an interest in that topic. This means that the selection of the supervisor is as important as the selection of the topic. If you are assigned a supervisor then of course you have to select a thesis topic after consulting the supervisor on the subject.

Some subject areas from which you can select your topic are:

• Polymer Chemistry
• Analytical Chemistry
• Environmental Chemistry
• Nano Technology (Molecular Chemistry)
• Computational Chemistry
• Metallurgy
• Bio Chemistry
• Agro Chemistry
• Chemical Engineering

Once you select your topic you must narrow it down to one specific issue to be investigated.

Check for Duplication

First thing will be to do some pre-research to find out the present knowledge base on the issue you are planning to examine. This is very necessary to avoid you from doing the same thing others have done before you. “No need to invent the wheel once again”. Browse the web to check whether the same type of research is being done at other universities elsewhere.

Thesis Execution

Having selected a topic, it is the task to operationalize the thesis idea. Identify your thesis problem which can then be developed in to your thesis statement. Design your research strategy and account for laboratory experiments, field investigations, interviews, surveys etc. Draw up a feasible time plan and breakdown the entire project in to simple tasks with time frames and milestones.

Data Collection Phase

Then you must start your main research work. This may be a series of laboratory tests. In case of environmental chemistry thesis you may have to collect data from hospitals, meteorological offices or by doing surveys. Whatever the field you have selected and type of experiments you have planned, you may have to change or do extra experiments, surveys and field investigations. But you have to finish collecting your data as per your thesis plan leaving enough time for evaluation, writing the thesis, and if necessary to do extra research to finalize some points that may have arisen during your research work.

Writing the Thesis

After finishing the data collection and the main research work you must start writing your thesis. First of all decide on the writing style. If the department has given a style you have to adhere to that. Otherwise, if you intend to publish the thesis then check with the journal you intend to publish in which format they want the manuscript in. Get the draft proof read by a professional editor. You can receive such thesis help from a reputed thesis editing service that can ensure to put all the final touches to your hard work.

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