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    Use Tips while Writing Economics Essay

    Students who attend courses in economics are usually required to submit economics essay. Due to this essay you have a great chance to demonstrate your writing skills and your knowledge of the economics. You may even improve your course grade with your well-written essay. That is why you should not miss your chance to get a good grade in economics. Start to work on your essay beforehand.

    To write a successful economics essay you should follow the plan:

    1. Choose an interesting topic for your essay.

    There are many different branches of economics that is why think what field of economics you will choose:

    – Macroeconomics. Choosing the macroeconomics field, students usually write about business cycles. In your essay you may touch the problem of employment or unemployment. Write about fiscal policy.

    – Microeconomics. This branch involves such topics as consumers, income distribution etc.

    – Fundamental economics. Write about fundamental economics technology, productivity or scarcity.

    – International economics. If you decided to take the following branch of economics, so you may write about foreign markets, trade, consumers. Describe foreign exchange rate etc.

    – Personal finance economics. Here you may write about credit system or insurance system in different countries.

    While choosing the topic for your economics essay, make sure it is not boring and you are really interested in the given issue.

    2. Find and evaluate the material. Make critical reading of the issues and define what piece of information is of primary importance and what is of secondary. While reading the relevant material, make notes. Write down the information about the book where you have found appropriate piece of information.

    3. Outline your paper. A well-organized structure is a necessary characteristic of an A+ essay. An outline will help you to stay focused and to stick to the main ideas of your essay. You may consult about the outline format with your instructor. Ask him to give you essay samples of other students.

    In the main body of your essay, use rational arguments and a sound vocabulary of economy. If you are not sure in some economic terms, better ask your teacher in economics if you can use the given term or not. To make the paragraph of the main body more unified, you should relate every sentence within the paragraph to the main topic sentence. A topic sentence is usually placed at the beginning of the paragraph and states the main idea of the given paragraph.

    After the main body write the introduction and conclusion. Remember these two parts are of primary importance. That is why how it is better to organize the information in these paragraphs.

    4. Proofread your essay. While proofreading, concentrate on coherence of the main parts of the essay. Weed out the irrelevant sentences from the essay. Remember your essay should progress logically and smoothly. For this purpose, special transition words should be used. If you see that your paper is well-developed, coherent and unified, so you will probably get the highest mark for it.

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