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Jerry Maguire Term Paper Outline

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    Jerry Maguire is a successful Hollywood movie directed by Cameron Crowe in the year 1996. It stars Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renee Zellweger along with a few budding actors and actresses that revolve around the theme of romance and sports intertwined with passion.

    Before you begin writing on Jerry Maguire it is necessary to have a Jerry Maguire term paper outline as it will go a long way in assisting you in your writing and compilation. An outline provides a clear path and direction that you need to take to ensure a well rounded and comprehensive piece of writing.

    This is the right place if you are in search for a Jerry Maguire term paper outline. It will list the main and important points of the movie so that you can compile a concrete and conclusive term paper. However, this Jerry Maguire term paper outline will be of little use if you have not watched the movie a number of times from an academic and analytical point of view.

    Therefore it is greatly recommended that you start writing research paper topics after you have watched the movie a number of times. Listed below you will find a Jerry Maguire term paper outline:

    • Start with an introduction of the movie and the message it is trying to deliver. This will help you create interest among the readers

    • Introduce the cast to your readers and hence touch upon the characters and the roles the cast will be portraying

    • You may also wish to discuss the work and talent of the director, Cameron Crowe.

    • This Jerry Maguire term paper outline suggests you start writing about the themes. Tom Cruise plays a role of a passionate sports agent who is not only good at his job, but equally passionate about it

    • Talk about the other lead male character, Cuba Gooding Jr. who puts on the mask of Rod. He brings a high degree of energy and enthusiasm to the screen which was greatly appreciated by the audience

    • Reene Zellweger must be mentioned with her powerful role as a diverse character that portrayed an interesting balance of strength and vulnerability at the same time. Her chemistry with Tom Cruise was borderline perfect.

    • Present an analytical approach in writing this term paper. Remember that a topic like this requires more of an analysis and interpretation than a factual account.

    • You can end using your opinion on whether it was time well spent watching this movie

    With this Jerry Maguire term paper outline you should have little to no trouble in writing the entire term paper.

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