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Mastering the Techniques of PhD Thesis Writing

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    PhD Thesis Writing is the most Challenging Academic Endeavour

    PhD Thesis writing is the most challenging academic endeavor for any student going for higher studies. PhD or the Doctorate is considered as a terminal degree in many fields of study which means it is the highest qualification that can be obtained in that field. It is not uncommon for students spending few years on writing their PhD thesis. Choosing a good topic, formulating a strong thesis and writing a good thesis statement are the elements within the first phase of the project. Careful planning of the research, gathering information and writing the thesis will comprise the rest of the thesis writing process.

    A meticulous Thesis Plan is the starting Point of a Successful Thesis

    Success of whole thesis writing process depends much on planning at the beginning and following the plan, making necessary changes to the plan. As the thesis writing is a long process the plan should clearly indicate different tasks and the starting and finishing dates for each task. When planning thesis writing, adequate time should be allowed for the tasks, considering the unforeseen delays. It is very useful for the student to write down a thesis outline as well. Students can stay on focus when writing the thesis without deviating from the main topic, structure and the format planned for the thesis.

    Crucial First Steps in Thesis Writing

    Naturally, it is difficult to get the PhD Thesis writing process off the ground in to a flying start. But once started it gathers momentum and with dedicated and hard work, you will be able to follow through the plan to its end. The first step of the project is deciding on a suitable topic for the thesis. A thesis statement has to be written on a thesis built upon a narrow and specific topic. If the thesis objective is to present the results of a scientific research project, then the research problem has to be defined within scientific parameters. A thesis proposal has to be submitted after a preliminary research. An initial review of literature should be used for demonstrating the available knowledge, previous research and the importance of the proposed research.

    Writing the PhD Thesis

    There are some very important requirements to follow when writing a PhD thesis. First and foremost requirement is the writing style. Students will have to follow the writing style specified by the department. If a writing style is not specified, students need to select a writing style that is widely used for PhD Thesis writing in the discipline. Citing the references, giving credit to the sources referred to, and adhering to the proper format is equally important. Format for reference citing is given in the guidelines relevant to the selected writing style. Following the structure for writing the thesis also is another important requirement.

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