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Montessori Method Research Paper

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    A Montessori Method term paper is very convenient in writing, because it doesn’t need deep research as the historical, scientific, religious and personality term paper topics need. When you are going to write a Montessori Method term paper, try to cover its entire detail.

    Your Montessori term paper layout should include information regarding; where did Montessori Method come from? What is the difference between traditional and Montessori education? Can one apply Montessori Method at home with his/her child? Does Montessori Method improve the education of children with learning disabilities? How much does Montessori education cost? Will Montessori children be more successful in their future than traditional one?

    First of all write an introduction in which you define the topic, precisely. Then write body paragraphs in which you discuss all sub-topics one by one through headings e.g.

    History of the Montessori Method

    Montessori Method is an approach to educate children in between the age of 2 to 8 years. It is based on the research of Italian physician and educator Dr. Maria Montessori who discovered the child's true normal nature and applied it in education.

    Montessori Method

    This heading shows detail about Montessori Method; it gives freedom for self-directed learning in an especially prepared environment where children learn through observation and indirect teaching.

    Differences between traditional and Montessori education

    • The basic difference in between these two is Montessori emphasizes learning through all five senses while traditional education emphasizes learning through listening, or reading.

    • In Montessori Method children learn at their own individual pace in their own area of interest while traditional education has a course outline which all children have to follow irrespective to their interest.

    Montessori Method and disable children

    A Montessori Method term paper should also show that it is best for disabled students because here, children don’t have to follow a course. One can choose his own favorite field and enhance his skills, independently. In this you also find multiage grouping so, a child who is disabled progresses with his pace without any feeling of "ahead" or "behind”

    Successful future

    It should also mention in Montessori Method term paper that these children are well prepared to cope with later life socially, academically, and emotionally. They always ranked above average and want to grasp knowledge through well-polished skills better than the traditional one.

    In the end, write a comprehensive conclusion of your Montessori Method term paper.

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