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Most Commonly Used Types of Essays

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    The Type of Essay the Writer May Choose to Utilize Should be Appropriate with His Personal Inclination and Chosen Subject

    Essay writing is normally assigned with specific writing type. However, in some cases, professors give their students the chance to select their own essay style. When students are given the opportunity to crop up a composition according to their preference, it is imperative that they understand the types of essay to determine which one is suitable to their expertise and inclination. Writing an essay necessitates competence on the selected techniques and topic.

    The most common essay types are:

    • Argumentative essay. Confrontational writing is an essay type that normally aims to explicate specific ways of thinking; giving details on why certain contentions are made, standing up for what is believed in. This can truly be stimulating, a great opportunity for a writer to demonstrate impressive lines of reasoning.

    • Cause and effect essay. This is usually utilized to discover basis of important issues and deliberate on their consequences. This type of writing calls for a more extensive research in comparison to other essay forms. Such written work can truly be valuable especially when the author presents accurate and exact information.

    • Compare and contrast essay. Measuring up a subject against other relevant things can actually be more interesting when its distinctive characteristics are also given focus. Analyzing indistinguishable attributes—indeed—may bring about an articulate written work. Identifying contrasting traits enhances writing descriptions and creative depiction of subjects.

    • Analysis Essay. Scrutinizing writing provides a venue for a writer to flaunt striking writing flair. This requires a keen eye for details, for significant issues must be thoroughly examined. This is intended to reveal certain issues including those that may have been once ignored or neglected.

    • Opinion essay. A writer who dares to write an outlook essay should be really confident, for it is not easy to state one’s judgment, being aware that other’s opinions may truly be different from what was expressed which may actually lead to negative criticisms. Opinion writing may also be persuasive, directed to win the reader’s approval.

    • Persuasive essay. A writer who deals with persuasive writing may be compared to a marketing officer, trying to put up for sale what he is deliberating on. Those who choose this essay type should have the ability to convince readers to believe what s being explicated. This can really be challenging, calling for the capacity to influence or to earn the reader’s appreciation.

    • Descriptive essay. Illustrative essay may be of different subjects. One can write about a person, a place or anything that perceives his interest. An effective evocative essay is one that vividly identifies his topic, making the readers envisage what is being talked about.

    The difficulty of writing can also vary, depending on the types of essay required and the topics the author is working on. However, an impressive paper can now be achieved without having to experience sleepless nights and too much pressure

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