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    Music Research Paper Sample Will Help You to Accomplish Your Work

    Writing a research paper on music differs greatly from a research paper on other subjects. Music research paper has a wide range of good research topics that you can select to study. If you want to study a history of any instrument, you are welcome. May be it will be better to make research on a certain type of music. If you find it very difficult, you can write about a biography of a composer. To write an A+ research paper on music, try to feel a subject matter by your soul.

    Music can be called a weapon that struggles against darkness, for freedom against tyranny. There are some tips that will probably help you to accomplish your work perfectly well. There exist different types of music which can be easily researched:

    • Classical music: there is a tradition to use classical music with particular reference to the music of the past and including the 19th century. So, we may speak about modern classical music because this term comprises music being written nowadays. This kind of music refers to any serious art music, traditions of which can be traced.

    • Light classical: it is used in short classical works which can be easily listened to. The composers create such kind of art not only to play, but to entertain. So, if you decide to write about light classical music in your music research paper, you have to describe a performer’s feelings as well.

    • Serious music: sometimes it is related to classical music; however, it has a wider concept than classical one. It comprises folk music, jazz and classical music.

    • Light music: it includes light classical music, popular songs from different sources, both traditional and new, dance music, film music, etc.

    • Jazz: it is considered to be a popular music. It was played by Negro groups in the early 20th century. Its characteristic features are the following: freestyle and strong rhythms. It was called traditional jazz. Later, it was removed by similar music played by large bands. Such kind of music was a perfect improvisation for dancing. After all, modern jazz appeared. It characterized by the blues that aimed to produce an unhurried emotive style.

    • Pop music: it is modern music presented nowadays. It is performed by a singer or a pop group mainly with electric guitars and drums.

    • Dance music: it is a kind of music that includes pop music and jazz.

    • Background music can be of any kind produced as a background for conversation, meeting, arrangement, etc. It is put on records intentionally and heard increasingly in hotel foyers, airports, etc.

    • Chamber music is written for a chamber orchestra.

    If you do not want to make a research on a particular kind of music, find interesting information about their founders, but tell about composers’ biography first.

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