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    Accidental Plagiarisms are Not Excused; It is an Author’s Responsibility to Learn How to Cite a Paper

    Writing citation depends on the referencing style required or preferred; one should make use of those styles that are ultimately familiar to him. There are numerous ways in referring to the source(s) used. Specific guidelines and samples can be found in the web and several textbooks—which are truly valuable to those who are not very accustomed to such styles. Numbers of instructions on how to cite a paper can also be learned in schools, during language classes or writing subjects.

    In writing, authors are normally required to use specific numbers of sources, and those need to be mentioned; in-text and reference lists are vital. Credits are given where it is due, and when one fails to allude to proper resources, it will then be considered as plagiarism. Such unethical act is deemed as an unacceptable form of writing deception, certain rules to prevent this have cropped up, software and systems to detect plagiarism had also been made.

    Academic writing necessitates citation, whenever an author quotes, or utilizes another person’s works—it is imperative to name his sources. However, certain types of papers require specific styles of referencing. It is important for one to know when to make use of citing style; a student may confer with consultants or teachers which one is applicable, for instance, APA research paper outline is normally employed in social sciences while other approaches are more appropriate for other subjects. MLA may be used in business research papers, cancer research papers and several other projects.

    There are several referencing styles, however the most common are:

    • MLA – Modern Language Association, this is almost considered as the simplest form of referencing which is widely used by students and researchers. In-text parenthetical citations of sources are used in this method, while its bibliography is titled as Works Cited List.

    • APA – American Psychological Association is deemed as more complicated, this style has four major parts: Title page, Abstract, Main Body and References. This uses hanging indention; its Reference List is alphabetically listed at the end of the research.

    • Chicago – Chicago Manual of Style requires that authors are arranged alphabetically by the author’s name. It has two different methods, the Humanities technique, and author-date system. Humanities style is more preferred by majority, while the latter is commonly applied in social and physical sciences.

    Some writers, especially students and beginners are not actually aware about certain rules in writing. Most of these imperatives deal with correct citation, and it is crucial for one to know and understand the significance of the rules mentioned. A writer’s credibility may also be at risk when he falls short in properly naming his sources. Accidental plagiarisms are not excused, for it is an author’s responsibility to be knowledgeable about writing constraints and other components of research paper.

    It is essential for a writer to be acquainted with these referencing styles. A good author should learn how to cite a paper; otherwise, his written works may be accused of unauthorized utilization of another writer’s works, which is sometimes done unintentionally. In some cases, authors fail to provide reference list or do in-text citations correctly, and that also head to plagiarism.

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