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Person Who Has Affected Me Most

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    This is to bring into light various people and events that can permanently alter the life of a person. One such event has marked my life too. However it would be unfair to refer to the drama as an episode or an attempt, as this refers to a series of episodes, which were pioneered by one person. The person who inspires me and who has helped me shape the life that I live is a Nobel laureate. He has won a Nobel peace prize for his revolutionary role in the politics of my native country.

    Lech Walesa, who was originally the electrician from Gdansk, shaped the 20th century as the leader of the Solidarity movement that led the Poles out of communism. He therefore is one of the most acclaimed men in the history of our time. Let me elucidate the reader as to his personality. Walesa's life, similar to those of Gorbachev and the Pope, was shaped by communism. He was born to a family of peasant farmers in 1943. Further as a young man he had to work in the vast shipyards that the communist state was developing on the Baltic coast.

    This was the routine followed by so many other peasant sons. He was originally a devout Roman Catholic, and was shocked by the repression of workers' protests in the 1970s. As a result he made contact with small opposition groups. After being sacked from his job, he nonetheless climbed over the perimeter wall of the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk in August 1980, at age 37, to join the occupation strike. His most outstanding characteristic was his electrifying personality, quick wit and gift of the gab. This resulted in that he was soon leading the party. He had vision and he therefore moved his fellow workers away from mere wage claims and toward a central, daringly political demand: free trade unions.

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    My motivation is derived from the fact that people can operate in the most hostile of circumstances and then grow within them. This is what I would like to do with my life. Consider for example the circumstances in Poland at that time. Sadly it should be noted that nearest thing Poland had ever seen to a genuine workers' revolution was directed against a so-called workers' state. According to many Walesa's contribution to the end of communism in Europe, and hence the end of the cold war, stands beside those of his fellow Pole, Pope John Paul II, and the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

    My life would be followed in the paths of the great people who have learned the hardships of life and have learned further how to turn the hardships into positive advantage. This is how I would like to shape my life too.

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