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    You cannot get away from writing a paper when you enroll in formal education institutions. It is a requirement that is exercised at every level. From your early years in school to advancing through the degree levels, instructors will all ask that you supply a written paper.

    This skill is not necessarily easy for some people. But that does not always have to be the case. At every stage, it gets a little bit more difficult, but rest assured that there are resources and strategies to help you advance and produce a good PhD dissertation.

    One of the best ways to advance your education is through higher learning.

    In some professions attaining a Ph.D. makes all the difference to your scope of practice and, more times than not, positively impacts your salary scale. A requirement at this level is that you must complete a dissertation or written defense argument on your area of focus.

    A dissertation is challenging for some persons who are not as keen on conducting research or analyzing research data and, as such, require professional help to ensure an acceptable finished product. There are several sites and services online that the average student can avail themselves of that provide not only guidance throughout the process, but hands on help a well.

    This article will provide you with not only tips and tricks to completing your dissertation, but also a few places you can visit online that provide help with dissertation writing text.

    How to Write a Dissertation

    The hardest part in writing a dissertation is figuring out a topic of interest. The best way to choose that is to think about an issue. It must be a theme, which means something to you or an issue, which passionately stirs your mental faculties.

    If nothing comes to mind immediately, then choose an area that has already been researched and provide a different or fresh perspective. All research comes with limitations, so you could either address those limitations in your current study or even replicate the study itself. The latter might be easier for some people.

    Below you will find the necessary steps, which you can take to accomplish your objectives concerning your PhD dissertation. As well as, we highlight how to approach them as you try to write your dissertation.

    1. The Dissertation Proposal

    The first step in writing a dissertation is formulating a proposal. This should tell the reader why you chose that area of interest, what your main hypothesis is, what population sample you will use, the angle you expect to take, and the results you hope to find.

    Your proposal must contain a literature review, which cites information from past research that you plan on addressing in your paper. Be sure to use only information from published academic papers, which you can find. One reliable resource for such papers is Google scholar. Do not use information found in magazines or newspapers.

    Doing the proposal also includes how you plan to conduct the study, your population parameters, and the statistical tools you will utilize to analyze and interpret your findings. You should think about how your research might be limited for whatever reason, and also indicate that at the end of your proposal, as well as include an outlook.

    2. Conduct Your Research

    After your proposal has been approved, you will now need to conduct your research. We suggest that you use a convenient population such as your school or place of work where participants will be easy to locate.

    Collect the information using your questionnaire. Depending on your preference, topic and skill you can design a questionnaire from scratch or you can use a pre-prepared one and then customize it to suit your needs. Resources are available where you can find already established statistical tools and questionnaires for various subject areas.

    Afterwards, you need to decide on what tools to use to input your data for analysis. A useful piece of software is SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). It comes loaded with analytical tools for any research data.

    3. Write Your Dissertation

    This is where it gets tricky for some persons, especially those who are not great at writing papers, much less extremely length ones. Remember, format is key, but you can get the help you need by visiting The American Psychological Association website that outlines the structure of a research paper.

    Or if your paper should be in an MLA or other research paper format, you can research how to implement all the requirements. The internet has thousands of resources that can highlight step by step, how to accomplish this.

    At the end, your final paper will look very similar to your research proposal, as long as it completely comprise of the following areas. It should include an introduction, the end of which should state your research question. This should be an arguable question and not a closed ended one.

    Your literature review will include all the academic papers that you have read. These papers must be the ones that led to your research idea. It should also include the methodology, how you conducted the research, and the findings. The research findings section is significant since it shows your ability to interpret results from raw data.

    It will also tell you if your findings are true to your research question. If you are not able to read this, then you will not actually know the outcome of all your work. Please note that the findings may not be what you projected, but this is normal and does not mean you did anything wrong.

    4. Editing and Feedback

    It is recommended that you either edit your paper yourself before submitting or have someone do it for you. It is best to ask someone else, since it is often difficult to edit your own work. The person who is editing can also give appropriate feedback, so you will know what to tweak and what your strong points are.

    Dissertation Help Online

    You do not have to tackle this mountain on your own. Various websites exist with professional help that will ensure you submit your best work. As mentioned above, The American Psychological Association website is one such resource. You can also visit Purdue Online Writing Lab. They give you instructions on many different aspects of writing and formatting.

    If you utilize the resources mentioned above and pay keen attention to the steps to writing a great dissertation, then you will be successful in producing a good paper. It might take practice and adjustment. However, with time, you will notice how your skills improve and help writing dissertation text becomes easier for you.

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