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At PhDify, we take plagiarism very seriously. We know that plagiarized work can cost our customers because copying someone else's work is not professional. Moreover, plagiarized papers usually attract poor grades because even instructors and professors don't like unoriginal work.

We address plagiarism at three main levels. On the first level, we require everyone who works for PhDify to understand what plagiarism is. More importantly, we demand that they know why it is unacceptable. Once they writers know that plagiarism is bad, they will try to avoid it at all costs.

On the second level, we have equipped our writers with the knowledge and skills to properly acknowledge resources that they use for their research. Sometimes a writer may come across quotes or data from certain sources that he or she feels may add value to the paper being written. It is very much acceptable to directly lift such quotes and include them in the paper - as long as the resource is properly acknowledged. This is what we have taught our writers to do.

On the third and final level, we have put in place exhaustive software programs that help us to trace and catch any instances of plagiarism. Remember that these are tried and tested pieces of software that are used by some of the major companies to trace plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, the writer has to revise the content to ensure that the entire document is original. Only when the paper is 100% original will it be delivered to the client.

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