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Poetry Term Paper Topics

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    Poetry is a type of literary art used for expression of language and meaning. Basically, it is an artwork of language that sets out to deliver meaning and value to the readers. To understand poetry you need to be able to appreciate language, expressions, imagination and be in tune with your senses.

    A poetry term paper is actually quite a difficult task, but if written and organized properly, an ‘A’ grade is nearly guaranteed. Unlike other topics, a poetry term paper is specifically assigned to students of literature and language and adds considerably to the student’s final grade. The understanding of poetry and all its dimensions is tested here. But the most common problem faced by students is coming up with poetry term paper topics. The portion below will list some engaging and interesting poetry term paper topics that will help you secure a decent grade.

    You can use the history of poetry as a poetry term paper topic. It can be divided into classical and early modern western traditions. The oldest poem to date is from the 4th millennium BC, the Epic of Gilgamesh. Discuss how poetry has come a long way and how the writing styles have changed.

    By mentioning and expanding on the various forms of poetry available, you will add an educational aspect to your term paper. Poetry has many forms, such as sonnets, sestinas, villanelles, odes, ghazals and so on. The main factors that differentiate these forms are that of line structure, rhyme, composition and stanzas. Give examples to illustrate each and so that the reader gains a solid understanding.

    Further adding to the list of poetry term paper topics is the various genres of poetry namely, narrative, dramatic, epic, lyric, elegy, satirical and prose poetry. These are the various genres and subgenres available. What differentiates these classifications the most is the subject matter, style of writing, plot development and expression style.

    You can write about a world famous poet as a poetry term paper topic. Some names include, John Keats, Aristotle, Archibald MacLeish, Robert Browning, and Robinson Jeffers. Each of these poets are known and recognized for their work and teachings in the field of poetry.

    Finally, pick a poem that has deeply touched you or moved you. Or pick one that is world famous. You can read it, analyze it and critically appreciate it. Tell the readers why and how this poem is the greatest.

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