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Properties of a Term Paper

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    A term paper is not as bothersome as students feel. It is just a research paper which a student has to submit over a semester or an academic term. It has utmost significance and must be emphasized by the students because it accounts for grades or marks in exams. Term papers are generally written related to a certain event, or on a concept. To write an excellent term paper, one must know the essential properties of a term paper, which are written below, comprehensively.

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    Correct Grammar a nd Spelling

    • A good term paper is the one which is free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

    • Furthermore, it should avoid contractions and passive sentences.

    • For proper grammar you may use reliable grammar books and references.

    Appropriate Layout

    Another point in the properties of a term paper is that each school gives a particular layout according to standard format of term paper. A term paper should follow it.

    A common layout requirement includes; one inch margin on each side of the paper, use of white paper, title page instructions, 8 ½-inches by 11-inch paper, 12 font size in Time New Romans etc.

    Term Paper Text:

    It should have three parts, introduction, body and conclusion.

    • The introductory paragraph should be concise and clearly declare the term paper’s subject. It should proclaim what a writer is going to write in this term paper. It should have an approved term paper statement.

    • Body of the term paper should be written with a careful research citation. It should have supporting examples, facts and figures to prove the main statement of the term paper. There may be multiple sub paragraphs in body.

    • Conclusion should review complete information of the body. In this, it should state whether the thesisstatement has been proved or not from the conducted research. Draw conclusion in view of your research.

    Accurate Bibliography

    At the end of the term paper, there must be written a comprehensive bibliography. It should follow the specific format of citation according to the instruction of teacher.

    Appropriate Appendices

    These are supplemental; a term paper may possess one or more appendices or may not possess any. An appendix can be a chart, graphs or any illustrations that improve overall information of the term paper.

    Hence, an excellent term paper must have these essential properties. These properties of a term paper make it excellent in terms of good results.

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