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    Pupils usually write opinion essay at school or colleges. Some students when get a task to write this kind of college research paper do not know how to start the writing that is why it will be useful to read sample research paper to see how other students write this kind of essay.

    First of all, think what topic you want to uncover in your opinion essay. There is a great range of topics that may be relevant to this research paper writing. For example, you may write in your essay about your favorite activities or hobbies. If you are going in for sport then you may tell about your favorite sport activity, explain why you think it is good for health to go in for sport and if your sport activity helps you to improve your health. If you play computer games then you may tell what games do you like. Alternatively, if you do not like spending time by the computer, playing computer games, then you may tell your opinion as for harm of playing some computer games.

    If you have many options as for choosing the topic for your essay, you may share your ideas on essay writing forums. Maybe your idea will be a good topic for other students. If you still cannot define with the topic, you may consult your instructor. Tell him about your preferences and he will help you to choose the best topic for you. Try to choose the topic that is interesting to you and that is close to you. Do not choose difficult topics. Remember that you have to be familiar with the topic of your essay so you could share your points of view about it.

    Although opinion essay is aimed to help you to express your opinion on certain issue, you may find in opinion essay sample other authors’ citations taken from different sources. Using good citations and examples in your essay only draw readers’ attention and make your essay more appealing and interesting to read. That is why go to the library and find necessary books for your essay.

    The structure of the opinion essay is the same as in any other research paper. If you do no know how to make a research paper, find example of the research paper outline. An essay sample usually consists of the introduction with thesis statements, the main body (the most important part of the essay) and the conclusion. If you use citations in your essay then you should also include to your paper the list of bibliography.

    It is not difficult to write an opinion essay. However, if you need help in writing your essay, then look for opinion essay sample online.

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