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    Do not Choose a Broad Topic for Religion Essay

    Religion essay is one of the most interesting and challenging paper writing. It is very useful for your inner enrichment to study different religious aspects.

    Religious studies embrace a wide scope of different topics. For example in your essay, you may describe how religion influences the culture of the society. In your paper you may also discuss and interpret different religious issues. While choosing the topic for your essay, avoid some broad topics as Catholicism, Christianity etc. Try to go deep inside some general topic.

    Choose some touching, pressing and unique topic. Check if this topic is not completely discovered yet. For example, you may research ancient religions. Mayan religion is a very interesting and unusual topic. In your essay you may investigate more about this ancient civilization. Describe the religious theories and rituals of this tribe.

    Religion essay as any other kind of essays consists of the following components:

    – The cover page

    – The introductory part

    – The main text

    – The conclusion

    – The bibliography

    In the cover page usually the name of the author is stated. Then centered in the middle of the page goes the title of the paper. Here you should also point out some details about your university and faculty.

    In the introduction you should introduce your topic, explaining why it is interesting and scientific significant.

    Divide the main body of your essay into chapters. Whenever you start a new idea, make a new sub-paragraph or paragraph. In the main body, dwell on the main topic of your investigation. Try to be unbiased while talking about the religions. Do not impose on the readers your religion or beliefs. Always support your assertions with strong reasons. Try to make the text of your main body coherent. For this purpose you may use the transition words, expressions or sentences. It is also very important to make transitions between paragraphs.

    In the concluding part you should give summary of the main arguments and points and claims of your essay. Here you may also draw the further possible ways of the investigation of the given topic.

    In the bibliography you should point out all the books or articles you referred in your paper to. Structure the list of references alphabetically by the last name of the writer. First write down the last name and the initials of the author of the book. Then write down the title of the issue (you may write it in italics). The place where the book was published and the date of its publication should also be included. If you used for your essay information from the internet, so point out the link to the web site where the following information is placed.

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