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Samuel Delany’s Corona

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    Samuel Delany who is the author of the bestselling Dhalgren literature and winner of four Nebulas and two Hugo Awards has created quite a unique presence in the world of literature with his thorough understanding of attractive dimensions untouched by other writers. According to a general public opinion Samuel R. Delany is considered to be one of the most acclaimed writers of speculative fiction. His writings include many great stories, novels etc on science fiction in particular. According to The New York Times Book Review Samuel Delany is considered a most interesting Science Fiction writer with much literary material to his credit. As stated on a website visited:

    “The most interesting writer of science fiction writing in English today.”

    Corona a short fiction written by Samuel Delany was first published in 1967, it is a short science fiction story like many of the stories written by Samuel and has been published in many other books like

    1. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1967,

    2. The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 17, Edward L. Ferman, 1968, Doubleday,

    3. Driftglass, Samuel R. Delany, 1971, Signet

    4. Looking Ahead, Dick Allen+ Lori Allen 1975

    5. Distant Stars, Samuel R. Delany, 1981

    6. Distant Stars, Samuel R. Delany, 1981

    7. Driftglass, Samuel R. Delany, 1986

    All his writings are pieces of art in their own context with the future brought closer then can be imagined for the readers’ eyes. In his books he emphasizes upon the importance of looking beyond the dimensions of human perception and creating a world in the future with unexpected sequences. He views the whole Universe as a new medium to look into through the eyes of the characters that eventually because of his Scientific perceptions become the base upon which most of his writings come to. No one is perfect in this human world but the desire to become perfect in all aspects requires a true understanding of the human nature. Control on emotions is a very important part for all individuals in attaining social and individual acceptance in the man`s world.

    Rages, pain, human emotions and feelings are brought out by a combination of environmental changes. Needed for anger to come upon a person it needs a strong contribution from personal attributes, mental capabilities, experience and exposure. All the external and internal changes taking place in this unexpected and continuously changing environment eventually manipulate and create all affects of the changes in behavior and action of an individual.

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    The way the person has been brought up all force to feel in accordance, pain and rage. All pain cannot be handled by crying out. Some times, people tend to generally lash out at the next person because their brain waves are working hysterically in a very ambiguous way due to the needs of the individual. Any hurt person can become angry and this anger can show in various forms from simple silence, attitude problems or in commonly seen disastrous reactions like violence leading to suicide, abuse, murder.

    “We are never so ridiculous by the qualities we have, as by those we affect to have.”

    Francois De La Rochefoucauld

    If the person doesn’t hurt others he may eventually hurt himself by his careless and abnormal actions. The remaining guilt after that action cans also go on for years and cause a miserable life. Lives influenced by that person’s life would also be affected in a similar way. All humanity suffers at the expense of one single individual’s abnormal behavior. “One bad fish can dirty contaminate the whole pond.” All humanity is affected by irresponsibility of every person in the community. Violence may be a way out for some of their own feelings but no violence or action taken in rage or pain can be unanswered. Rage brings more rage, pain brings more pain it’s a viscous circle. The need to move on and let it go comes softly with soft music which allows the brain waves to relax and soften down to negligible amount. Music can bring an improvement in this attitude.

    Music a needed alteration from routine practices in some way also helps people in relaxing or enjoying themselves. Music can be in some cases are relaxing and in some selective cases strong and aggressive. Humans are prone to react to different types of music differently. The changing trends of music alter the level of pain and rage felt by individuals because of various reasons because no person is perfect and able to control all aspects of the painful situations faced in life.

    Music relaxes the enraged individual. His hurt feelings relatively diminish with the melodious music making it simpler and even enjoyable to live this life. So in a way this relaxed and content individual will be walking into the world with more composure and understanding. He will tend to be less violent or maybe nonviolent at all. Music takes the mind off the pains of today and creates a cloud of relaxation and all the acclimated aggressive, attitudes are faded out to diminished and microscopic contents.

    Person’s feelings are responsible for the human behavior and alas each individual behavior accumalatatively ascertains the overall humanity within the community and society. As stated on a website visited Samuel Delany’s books are considered smart and Spell binding.

    People generally say “Who better to write a sci-fi novel about alien linguistics but Samuel R. Delany.”

    With few words he creates a vast area to work in. His books have many new and original idea and people look at his great ideas like the one with relation of Music, Rage, pain and Humanity.

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