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    At the end of the semester the students who study at sociology department, usually are required to complete a sociology term paper. It is a great challenge to write the paper in sociology as this science involves so many interesting topics and problems.

    In order to write a successful sociology term paper you may use the following tips:

    1. Decide what topic you want to uncover in your term paper. Do not choose too broad topic. It is better to plunge into details and provide some interesting facts about the peculiar parts of the subject rather than try to cover everything in a perfunctory manner. For example, in your paper you may dwell on the appearance bias. Write whether appearance influences the human social life. You may also describe more generalized topic like plastic surgery in Asia. Women from Asia often do surgeries to look pretty as they believe it is a half way to the successful career.

    2. Research the materials on the interesting research topic for your term paper. You have to plunge deep into the subject matter. That is why it is extremely important to know perfectly the problem of your essay.

    You may find necessary information for your essay from several sources:

    • Academic books. It is the best source for information. Here you may find reliable facts, sophisticated ideas, theories etc.

    • Web material. If you use information from the Internet, make sure it is reliable. It is strictly forbidden just to cut the information and paste it in your paper. If you use the internet information, make reference to the web site where this information is placed. Here you may also find term paper samples online.

    • Academic journals, magazines, newspapers. Here you may find valuable up-to-date information in a specific area.

    • Lecture notes may be also a good source of information. But do not quote your notes directly. Remember that the ideas in notes are not of your own but of your professor or the other person who composed the lectures.

    1. Outline your paper. Divide it into several paragraphs. Do not make too many paragraphs because it may indicate that you have a lack of focus on the research problem. Each paragraph should deal with one main point. Your essay outline should be clearly organized and include:

    – introduction

    – main body

    – conclusion

    Think how you can make your introduction great and appealing, so the readers will plunge into your essay after the first few sentences.

    In the main body of your essay all the events should be stated chronologically rather than randomly. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence. The topic sentence should state the main idea of the following paragraph. In the next sentences you should comment on that main idea and develop it logically.

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