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Teacher Who Influenced Me

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    In the path of our lives we come across numerous people, some just pass by while others even after they are not there remain as fresh as ever in our memory. Some people by the things they say or do can change our lives forever

    One such person was Miss. Kaukab my English teacher. In the entire school life that I have spent up till now I have never come across a teacher like her. She taught me for two years only but they influence my life in many ways. What years were they that on one hand I’d be whining and making faces, many times bunking classes of other subjects I’d look more than forward to her classes. Her classes were not just rooms where a teacher and a bunch of students met day after day with the aim of completing the coarse like other teachers. It was much more. Much more than a place where simple education was imparted.

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    A smile and a fresh face greeted me everyday, in the uncountable instances that I met her then and even now, I have always found her like that, smiling and pleasing. After meeting her I realized how much a smile has an effect on you, because only I know how much just the sight of her face meant to me in the otherwise very prosaic environment. She made me realize that just by smiling how pleasant a person can be. The effects that she has on my lives are uncountable. She’s left such an indelible mark on me that no one can erase it now, my philosophy of life changed gradually in the years I spent with her. Because of her I take out time no matter how little to breathe in fresh air, to feast my eyes with the beauty around us, to just stop for a second and observe. When before these little things in life had no weight for me

    Before when I read a phrase it was just an appropriate blend of words for me but now when I read literature I go into its depth and almost always realize that these lines are just not words but are a lot more. Penning down all the ways in which this one person in such a short duration of time has influenced my life is almost impossible, because even as I sat down writing I realized that her effects on me are much more than I had thought. In short I can say that she has endowed me with a clearer vision of life and has given me a little part of herself, which I treasure.

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